How to Discover your Authentic Self

Hi there,

Hope you had a beautiful week!

I’m getting into the groove of summer and loving it. My daughter and I are going to be enjoying lots of playdates at the pool. It’s such a delight to watch her grow into toddlerhood.

In this week’s vid, I share how to discover your authentic self. And um… please excuse the little mishap in the beginning of the video. But hey, it’s authentic. ;)

Enjoy Loves, and thanks for watching. Watch now.
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Best time to go for your goals

Happy Summer! I love the summer, not just because I’m a summer baby :), but because it’s that time of year that’s perfect for finally letting go of tough lessons learned in winter, reveling in the internal beauty and insight that spring brings, and moving forward on your goals that you planted in the fall. […]

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My Specialty — Psychic Insight

I recorded this video and was inspired to share this exciting development with you, right away. I’ve come into the full realization of my specialty as a healer and spiritual teacher, and can’t wait for you to hear what it’s all about. So check out this vid I recorded. Sometimes, something that’s so obvious to […]

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Being a Peace Diva

In my latest vlog, I’m breaking down the essence of what it is to be a diva of Peace. Would love for you to check it out, HERE. It’s the day after, but as I write this, it’s Mother’s Day. Happiest Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mommies. I honor you, and all those who […]

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The Best things in Life are…

…are free! Isn’t it true? In honor of this truth, I recorded this vid for you. I do hope you enjoy it. Be sure to watch to the very end where I shout out my friend, Dawn, and her work. In Peaceful Love, Simone If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free).

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A Deeper Conversation

Hi there, I’m hoping all is beautiful with you — no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in right now. As per usual, I had lots of fun recording this week’s video for you. It’s honoring my wanting to have a deeper conversation about supporting your awakening and living on purpose. I have a […]

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How to live your Sacred Calling AND get paid for it

Life is really good. If you’ll allow me a moment, I’d love to share why. I adore being a mother to an incredible little girl. I’m in blissful love with my work AND I’m being paid for it. (Yes!) I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, and my brilliant sister, who I’m so grateful for. […]

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VLOG: Why I Love Satsang

Hello dear reader! So here’s the thing… Please don’t judge me okay? My hair’s slightly jacked up in my video. Ha! I recorded it after a long day hanging out with my beautiful daughter. And, I was so excited to sit in front of the computer and record my latest vid (on one of my favorite topics — Satsang,) […]

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2 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series & More Reiki Healing

Hello dear readers, In my last blog post, I shared how much I’ve been enjoying the bliss and breakthroughs that have come from my daily Reiki practice. Since then, my life opened even more to beauty and support I never imagined… Miracles abound. If you’re ready to open yourself up to miracles, email me at info at […]

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3 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series & Reiki Healing

In 2014, miracles are already flowing. How are these miracles coming into my life? REIKI If you want to see a quick and powerful transformation in a certain area of your life… If you need to make a way, out of now way… Reiki’s the answer. It’s a very relaxing form of energy work that can […]

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