THIS Could Be Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Financial Goal

Besides the beautiful weather, summer also brings a particular energy that’s key for the successful manifestation of your financial goal, or even, goals. I call it go-getter energy.

The optimal times of year to reflect, plan, and clear a new path forward are past us now. Now’s the time to execute on our financial goals with confidence, relaxed intensity, and vigor.

I share more about how to take advantage of this powerfully energetic time of year in this week’s vlog.

In this week’s vlog, you’ll learn:

  1. How to do burden-free work
  2. How to attract business success with more ease
  3. How to magnetize your financial goal to you, more swiftly

Yes, you can make more money doing joyful work you love with ease. It doesn’t have to be burdensome, boring or hard. Check out this week’s vlog and learn how.

Money Hypocrisy: This Mindset Pattern Might Be In Your Way

Release Money Hypocrisy

Let’s explore the topic of money hypocrisy I’ve never spoken about money hypocrisy before and it’s what still might be getting in the way of you making the money you want. We repeat these money patterns without fully realizing that we’re giving mixed signals to the Universe about money. Sometimes certain patterns we have are […]

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1 Surprisingly Simple Way to Get More Clients

1 Surprisingly Simple Way to Get More Clients

Major financial awesomeness can still manifest in your business and life by the end of the year. And, it really takes buckling down now to get serious and get it done by: Setting a Yearly Financial Goal, and Doing everything you know to do to meet your Goal. But maybe you’ve done that. And you’re […]

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2 More Words that Curse your Cash Flow


I LOVE language — especially when I use it to manifest the life I desire and to create more and more money. I also adore working with my lovely clients. In my work, something I’ve noticed recently are 2 seemingly innocent words that cut off your cash flow. And as a Money Coach, you know […]

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Protected: Another Manifestation from my List – It Works!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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2 Master Keys to Prosperity – Part 2 of 2

Ready for the next step to a prosperous season? Awesome, here it is. In this week’s vlog, I share: The 2nd step and key to greater prosperity, and A study-supported mindset process to uplevel your prosperity Enjoy this week’s vlog! Take action on these 2 steps to Prosperity — the 1st step from last week, […]

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2 Master Keys to Prosperity – Part 1 of 2

How’s this season’s prosperity flowing for you? Things are flowing beautifully here. And, I want to share with you the seeds I planted to begin enjoying seasons of greater prosperity. Here’s a pic of my daughter, Charleigh and I, in front of a classic BMW I just bought. Paying cash for it, and enjoying no […]

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Is It Really Okay to Love Money?

More often than not, when working with my beloved clients, we come to a crossroads. And it’s no ordinary crossroad. This crossroad truly makes or breaks a person’s results when manifesting the business and life success they desire. It can make the difference between my client manifesting 6 figures in 2 months, or struggling to […]

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How to Use Money Blocks to your Benefit


This week, I’m sharing with you how to use money blocks and challenges to your advantage. I have to say, money blocks get a bad wrap. So much is blamed on them. They are made out to be these horrible things you have to destroy. Well, they’re not. Don’t get me wrong now. Money blocks […]

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How to Create your Next Level of Wealth – Part 2


Let’s dive into your next steps for your next level of wealth creation, shall we? (By the way, if you haven’t watched your first step to next level wealth creation, from last week, watch here. I’ll wait.) 🙂 In Part 1 of the how to attain your next level of wealth series, you learned that […]

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