Prosperity: Find your Personal Key to It in Business

This week, I share a process I use with my clients to help them create 5 and 6 figure abundance breakthroughs in business, in a short amount of time.

Here’s what’s included in the vlog this week — How to Find your Personal Key to Prosperity:

  1. Process to find your personal key to prosperity
  2. How to move forward in your business using your prosperity key to create a prosperous business
  3. Best tools to leverage the power of your prosperity key

Watch the video above.

It just may be that you don’t have the bandwidth for a group challenge or program. If working with me privately, 1-on-1, would be a better fit for you right now, click here, and let’s connect.

Simone Craig
Your Money Mindset Mentor & Abundance Coach

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Hidden Money Blocks: The Simplest Way to Find Them

Find a Hidden Money Block

This week, I’m sharing with you a very simple way to identify a hidden money blocks. Find out what’s been getting in the way of having the financial abundance you want in your business, that’s been hidden to you. Here’s what’s included in the audio blog this week: The 2 aspects of the mind Misconception about subconscious […]

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Affirmation: Clear a Money Block

affirmation clear money block

Now, the winter clearing season, is the perfect time to get crystal clear about what’s in the way between you and what you want. Once you’re clear about that, you can clear it out. And once it’s cleared out, your manifestation appears. The Universe is designed to give you what you vibrate. So what’s in […]

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Find Money: How to Find Money Where You Least Expect It

find money, money, abundance, law of attraction, entrepreneur

Happy New Year!! If you consistently read my blog this year, then follow through on the tips I share, 2017 will be your best year yet in your business, financially. With that said, let’s dive right in, shall we? Here’s what’s included in this week’s blog — Finding Money Where You Lease Expect It: How to approach persistent […]

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Thoughts vs Feelings. What’s more powerful?

Thoughts vs Feelings

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, you hear two words quite often — thoughts and feelings. I’d like to introduce the concept of thoughts vs feelings. I talk about which one is more powerful, in this week’s vlog, especially when it comes to abundance creation and money manifestation. Don’t get me wrong, here. […]

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Surprise Money: How to Manifest It

Manifest Surprise Money - Unexpected Cash

Let’s talk about how to manifest surprise money. On Periscope, a viewer asked me how to allow for the unexpected. What a great question. Of course, as I love talking money and abundance, I included a manifestation tip on how to affirm your way to some unexpected cash. Watch the video above to check it […]

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Entrepreneurs: Motivate Money into your Bank Account

Entrepreneurs Motivate Money

This week, I’m super excited to share with entrepreneurs what actually motivates money right into your bank account. Money isn’t just a green piece of paper. It’s an energetic entity that you’re in relationship with. The question I explore in this week’s vlog is how entrepreneurs can motivate this magnificent, energetic entity known as money, […]

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The Secret: Biggest Manifestation Myth EVER

Biggest Manifestation Myth

Something I hear a lot, after someone learns that I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the powerful Law of Attraction to create a thriving business, is… “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that. The Secret, right?” “Right.”, I say affirmatively. Then they say, “Positive thinking, right?” So here’s the thing. I LOVE The Secret. It’s been […]

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Manifestation: Know What You Want? Now Do THIS.

The key to successful manifestation of what you desire is simple, but not necessarily easy. You can recite affirmations, visualize and even clear money blocks. But, if there’s something in you, or in your life, not allowing for all that you desire, you won’t receive it. You must allow for all the good you desire in […]

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Life’s Abundance: How to Uplevel yours

I’m excited to share with you how to uplevel your life’s abundance. It’s a part of my morning ritual that’s helped me enjoy more abundance in my bank account and in my relationship with myself. What could be better than an improved quality of life, inside and out? >>> To learn this vital strategy for upleveling your life’s […]

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