2 Master Keys to Prosperity – Part 1 of 2

How’s this season’s prosperity flowing for you? Things are flowing beautifully here. And, I want to share with you the seeds I planted to begin enjoying seasons of greater prosperity.

Here’s a pic of my daughter, Charleigh and I, in front of a classic BMW I just bought. Paying cash for it, and enjoying no car note for it, feels so good.

If you’ve been on my list a while, and familiar with my work, you know the main ingredient to manifesting more of what you want in business and life is based in feeling good.

Over the next 2 weeks, I’m going to share 2 actions for greater prosperity in your life THIS season. If you’re now enjoying summer, by summer’s end you’ll be feeling and seeing evidence of more prosperity in your world. If it’s winter for you, by winter’s end, same for you!

In this week’s vlog, I share:

  1. The 1st step and key to greater prosperity
  2. The benefits of this key in addition to greater prosperity
  3. How NOT to apply this step that can trip you up and not give you the results by this season’s end you desire


Is It Really Okay to Love Money?

More often than not, when working with my beloved clients, we come to a crossroads. And it’s no ordinary crossroad. This crossroad truly makes or breaks a person’s results when manifesting the business and life success they desire. It can make the difference between my client manifesting 6 figures in 2 months, or struggling to […]

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How to use money blocks to your benefit

This week, I’m sharing with you how to use money challenges to your advantage. I have to say, money blocks get a bad wrap. So much is blamed on them. They are made out to be these horrible things you have to destroy. Well, they’re not. Don’t get me wrong now. Money blocks are a […]

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Wealth – How to Create your Next Level – Part 2

Let’s dive into your next steps for your next level of wealth, shall we? (By the way, if you haven’t watched your first step to next level wealth, from last week, watch here. I’ll wait.) ūüôā In Part 1 of the how to attain your next level of wealth series, you learned that awareness of […]

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Wealth: How to Create your Next Level – Part 1

  Over the next 2 weeks, I’m sharing a 2-part series on how to attain your next level of wealth. This week, I’m sharing the first step in this process, which is to discover your capacity for abundance. Setting an intention to earn huge amounts of money is awesome indeed. In order to make that […]

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2 Steps To Uplevel Abundance In 2 Minutes

2 Steps to Uplevel Abundance In Two Minutes

  Want to increase abundance in your life but don’t have the time? I know it’s sometimes a challenge¬†to find time in your day, to dedicate to developing your abundance mindset. But, I assure you these 2 tips can be done in a very short time… like say, 2 minutes! Nice, right? This week’s vlog […]

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Self-Love: This Simple Mindset Shift brings More Abundance

Self-Love Technique for Greater Abundance

As a mom and entrepreneur, I’m all about the concept of minimum input for maximum output.¬†This self-love practice that I share with you is a great way to employ a quick and simple technique for maximum abundance. I’ve manifested lots of incredible experiences¬†in my life and results in my businesses. But it wasn’t until I […]

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Quitting your Job: How to Make it a Smooth Transition

Quitting your Job

I’m so excited to explore the topic of quitting¬†your job, so you can feel better giving more time to a business you love. Are you struggling with the thought of leaving your job to run your business? Do you fear leaving your job then not having consistent cashflow? This week, from my experience leaving my […]

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Financial Goal: How to Achieve Yours in 1 Month – Part 2 of 2

Financial Goal - Part 2

Let’s follow-up on¬†how you can close out this month¬†achieving your financial goal. There are 3 steps. In my newsletter 2 weeks ago, ¬†I shared that your 1st step is to be crystal clear on¬†exactly what your financial goal is this month, and why.¬†Your 2nd step is to set your¬†financial goal¬†in motion through affirmation. I share […]

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Financial Goal: How to Achieve Yours in 1 Month – Part 1 of 2

How to Achieve a Financial Goal This Month

Let’s explore how you can hit your financial goal this month. Are you on target to achieve your money goal this quarter? If not, it’s not too late. This, and the next blog I post, include the 3 steps it takes to hit your financial goal by this month. Are you ready? Your 1st step […]

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