How to live your Sacred Calling AND get paid for it

Life is really good. If you’ll allow me a moment, I’d love to share why.

I adore being a mother to an incredible little girl. I’m in blissful love with my work AND I’m being paid for it. (Yes!)

I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, and my brilliant sister, who I’m so grateful for. And, I enjoy true friendships.

I live in an incredible home with a kick-ass view, and come to find out, my building has a sauna and steam room. I mean, I’ve had access to this awesomeness for 6 months now and I’m just finding this out.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t share all this to boast.

I share this because it’s thrilling to acknowledge all the goodness and abundance in my life.

And, most importantly, to let you know that it’s absolutely possible for you to live the life you long for too.

Now sure, you can keep doing what you’re doing now…
…trying to figure things out on your own,
…living your life in a very safe and unfulfilled way,
…and hoping one day things will change.

But I’m here to tell you, most likely they won’t.

You’ll probably keep reading my emails, appreciating the temporary inspiration, and go right back to doing what you’ve been doing, and getting the same results in your life you’ve been getting.

OR, you can give yourself a break, and give your dreams the effort and attention they deserve, by doing something differently, RIGHT NOW.

You can ask for help with your dreams coming true, RIGHT NOW. (‘Cause truth is, no one achieves their dreams alone. Your success depends on other people.)

You can start living life to its fullest, and actually start being happy, RIGHT NOW. (‘Cause in my experience, one of the biggest contributors to being depressed, is not fully and authentically showing up in your life.)

And, you can stop hoping for success and actually start living your success, RIGHT NOW. (‘Cause truth is, if you’re just hoping for success, without doing anything DIFFERENTLY,
NOTHING’S going to change.)

I was put on this Earth to help you wake up and live your sacred calling with abundance. If you’re reading this right now, this is a sacred opportunity to give the life you  long for a chance, by doing something differently.

Start weekly sessions with me. Get firmly planted on your path to the life want. And no worries, sessions with me only twice a month is an option too.

In blissful loving service,
P.S. I ask for a 3 month commitment in working together. (‘Cause that’s when the shifts start happening.) Voila!

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