The Secret: Biggest Manifestation Myth EVER

Something I hear a lot, after someone learns that I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the powerful Law of Attraction to create a thriving business, is…

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that. The Secret, right?” “Right.”, I say affirmatively.

Then they say, “Positive thinking, right?”

So here’s the thing. I LOVE The Secret. It’s been an incredibly life transforming gift in so many people’s lives, including mine.

Yet for some reason, as a result of it, people have the false impression that successfully manifesting what they want, is a result of positive thinking. So I’m setting the record straight here.

It’s not.

You see, your thoughts are only 1 part of the equation, when it comes to manifesting what you want in your business and life. The other part of the equation are your feelings.

Not only that, your feelings are more powerful than your thoughts. Don’t get me wrong. Your thoughts — mainly, how you think about yourself, are VERY powerful. But not more powerful than your feelings about yourself.

I specifically remember watching the show where Oprah interviewed participants from ‘The Secret’ documentary. One of the participants said, ‘This is not about positive thinking’. And Oprah said, ‘Yes, that’s right. This is not about positive thinking because that doesn’t work.’

Oprah’s right. (Of course!)

Manifesting what you desire isn’t about positive thinking. It‘s about feeling good.

So, the more you feel good, the quicker you will call all the good you want to manifest in your life and MORE.

We live an abundant existence in an abundant Universe. There’s always more good to have, give, share and receive. The key to experiencing that is to feel good in every moment possible.

We’re almost at the end of 2016. Have you achieved everything you set out to this year? If not, then no more messing around. Your time is NOW to have the life you want.

Feeling good all the time — you’re worthy of it. The best all the time — you’re worthy of it. Exponential abundance in every moment — you’re worthy of it.

If you’d like my support in manifesting a big abundance breakthrough, so that you can close out 2016 strong, click here to get on the waiting list for my improved program getting my clients astounding results.

What’s astounding? Well, 1 of my clients manifested $111K in 60 days. Here’s that link again to get on the list.

Keep feelin’ good.

Simone C.
Your Law of Attraction and Abundance Strategist

P.S. Share this post with your family and friends. You never know who could use this information and encouragement in their business and life right now.

P.S.S. Money falling in love with YOUR bank account. Not someone else’s. That can be your reality not far from now. See you soon.

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