3 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series & Reiki Healing

In 2014, miracles are already flowing.

How are these miracles coming into my life?


If you want to see a quick and powerful transformation in a certain area of your life…
If you need to make a way, out of now way…

Reiki’s the answer.

It’s a very relaxing form of energy work that can be done in person with me, or long distance.

And to make receiving this loving Reiki energy a total no-brainer…

if after receiving Reiki for 1 month, you don’t experience a significant shift in your life, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

That’s just how confident I am that Reiki will open you up to great opportunities.

If you’re down to start seeing shifts in your life now, email me at info @ simonecraig dot com, for more information.

Of course, I recorded a new vlog — the next installment in my Enneagram series, for your viewing pleasure.  Be sure to let me know what you discover from watching. Watch here.

Peace and Love,
P.S. This is the 10th vlog in my Enneagram series. The entire series is on my YouTube page. xo

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