Simone CraigSimone Craig’s mission is to robustly support women entrepreneurs on their financial growth journey to (1) financial health, (2) healthy financial maintenance and (3) wealth creation. She endeavors to help 10,000 women entrepreneurs KNOW and ACTUALIZE the following:

  1. Her dreams are not only VALID but profoundly DESIRED by the world.
  2. She’s worthy of the BEST.
  3. She’s worthy of FEELING GOOD.
  4. It’s GOOD to be RICH.
  5. She can have whatever she wants, especially a THRIVING BUSINESS.

All Simone Craig’s programs and services are designed to uplift women entrepreneurs in attaining their professional goals because improving the lives of women, naturally improves the lives of children and families worldwide. Giving a % of business profits to women’s and children’s charities is an integral part of her values.

Simone Craig offers an online teamwork environment that’s kind, professional and fun!