Allowing Myself to Be, Do & Have What I Want

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When it comes to being, doing and having what I want, I’m at a crossroads. The Universe has confirmed, in a few ways, that I’ve done my work. I’ve cleared away the crappy, negative beliefs that are out of alignment with what I really want.

Important Sidenote: Beliefs are empty. They aren’t inherently good or bad. One isn’t any better than another. I’m calling the beliefs I cleared crappy because believing them has slowed down, or kept me altogether from experiencing what I want.

Also, I call the beliefs negative because in believing them, I’ve experienced negative emotions.

I’ve cleared negative people from my life. I’ve consistently set clear intentions for what I DO want. Yet, I still find myself wanting. Why?

I know I’ve got big dreams. But so what? I don’t believe any dream is too big to dream for anyone. I truly KNOW that all things are possible because I know who I am, and I know who you are. Simple as that.

Which brings me to my question again – why am I still wanting?

I’m a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks who put me on to the concept of deliberate creating. I’ve never been to one of their workshops. But today, in finding myself not knowing how to move forward, I went to their website to register for a 1-Day workshop.

While reading the workshop information, they invite you to write down your intention for the workshop, and to get clear on what you’re wanting. Well, I love a good intention and affirmation statement. It’s definitely one of my strengths.

(Speaking of knowing your strengths, here’s a great book where you can discover yours. Now, Discover Your Strengths)

The tail end of what I wrote is this:

“I’ve never seen my external environment this out of alignment with what I want. It’s almost like the more I work on myself, the worse it’s gotten. What gives?”

Then, I hopped over to YouTube and listened to an Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing video. I immediately received my answer! The title of the video — “Speak Only of What You Want”. It spoke exactly to this crossroads I’m in.

Perfect answer, Abraham. Thank you.

This is a great example of the teaching in their book,
“Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires”
. Yes, I asked, and the answer was immediately given.

I have noticed, just today, that I can do better at speaking only of what I want. It will take commitment and courage, which is great. I’ve got plenty of both.

UPDATE: 08/01/15 – From applying ‘Only Speaking What I Want’, and 6 other Law of Attraction steps, in July of 2015, I deliberately created $97,000 in appreciating assets in 10 days. It was pretty awesome. To learn the other 6 steps I used to manifest this, check out my free training ‘7 Steps to Becoming a Powerful Money Magnet‘. Click here to access the training.

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