Authentic Life, Authentic You: Uncovering the Sacred Truth of who you really are

Hi Super Single Mama,

I’ve created a free event for you, that gives you a full day to retreat and pamper your soul. It’s a 1-Day online retreatYou can relax right in your own home, and receive the benefit of enjoying the company of like souls in an intimate group setting.

If you long to show up in your life more authentically, but it scares you…
If you feel stuck in a certain way of being, and can’t seem to break the cycle…
If you know there’s more to the life you’re living, and want to discover and experience more…

This online retreat, ‘Authentic Life, Authentic You‘, is for you.

Suffering, being mildly depressed, trying to fit yourself into societal norms that aren’t tailored for you, staying awake at night because your mind is constantly running with worries about what’s to come… isn’t working anymore.

It’s painful. I know these pains. I lived these pains. And now, I’m free of them. That’s what I want for you.

Your ticket to authenticity and freedom starts with discovering who you really are.

Authentic Life, Authentic You‘ was specifically designed to support you in that discovery.

This is a free event and spots are very limited.

So if this calls to you, don’t let this pass you by.

To claim your spot for this free eventclick here.

And for more information, check out this video.

With love,
P.S. Who knows how many years, days, or minutes you have left in this life. Don’t waste another second living someone else’s life and being other than 100% yourself. I’m with you. Click here. Love!

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