Are you a people pleaser? – Exploring Fixation 2

Hi there, This week in the Enneagram series, I’m breaking down the exteriorized emotional point, Fixation 2. There’s 1 week left in this Enneagram series. Hope it’s been useful! Lots of  Love, Simone P.S. Are you a Goddess? Meet your fellow Goddesses this summer. For more info, click here →

Are you driven by success? – Exploring Fixation 3

Hey there! Ready for the next video in our Enneagram series? Okay, here we go! We’ve looked at the anger points, 9, 8 and 1. And we’ve looked at the mental points, 6, 7 and 5. Now we’re going to explore the emotional points. The home of the emotional points is Fixation 3. Once you […]

How to be at Peace – Exploring Fixation 5

Happy Wednesday! This week we’re exploring Fixation 5 in the Enneagram Series. It’s one of my favorite ego fixations to talk about. The beauty of gaining insight into how fixation works, is to see how you have those tendencies. Because in that seeing, You have the empowered choice to stop suffering, and choose freedom. Fixation 5 […]

The Heart of Peter Pan – Exploring Fixation 7

Hi there, Next up in this Enneagram Series is the exteriorized fear point Fixation 7 . My teacher has a brilliant way of explaining it. He likens Fixation 7 to Peter Pan. You’ll see what I mean in this week’s vlog. Lots of Love, Simone

If you weren’t scared, what would you do? – Exploring Fixation 6

Hi there, Now that we’ve explored the body/anger fixation points in this Enneagram series, we’re going to dive into the mental/fear fixation points. The home of the fear points on the Enneagram is Fixation 6. I know quite a bit about this point, as it’s where I’m fixated. So if you have any questions, do […]

Are you a Perfectionist? – Exploring Fixation 1

Hi there, The next fixation we’re exploring in the Enneagram Series is fixation 1 — the internalized anger point. If you’re a perfectionist, or have perfectionist tendencies, you may find this video really resonates with you. To watch, click below. Fixation 1 Have a great day. Namaste, Simone P.S. Authentic Life, Authentic You is tomorrow, starting […]

Externalized Rage – Exploration of Fixation 8

Hi there, Next up in the Enneagram Series is the 8 fixation — the externalized anger point. There’s a great example of how the 8 fixation pushes against authority, and perceives that authority as incompetent, in the comments section of this week’s vlog. Without further ado, here it is ~ Fixation 8 Namaste, Simone P.S. My […]

Conscious Awareness is Who You Are – Exploring Fixation 9

Hi there, I’m excited to continue the Enneagram series to uncover the ways ego veils our truest, most authentic self. I said it before and I’ll say it again… 🙂 Spoiler Alert: You are Consciousness Awareness itself. You don’t have to do anything, go anywhere, learn anything to be that. Ever. Now that we’ve established […]

3 Essential Qualities of your True Self

Hi there, This week we’re continuing the Enneagram series to uncover the ways ego veils our truest, most authentic self. Spoiler Alert: You are Consciousness, Divine Intelligence and Love, right now. You don’t have to do anything, go anywhere, or even learn anything to be that. You are THAT. Yet, sometimes it can be really […]

How to Stop Ego in its Tracks

The question I hear most often is ‘How do I stop my ego?’ It’s a good question. In my own life, hands down, the best tool I’ve ever used to stop ego, is the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a wisdom mirror that hones in on where we unconsciously believe the ego’s con that we are […]