Accepting all of myself. Embracing all of my talents. No judgement. In that, there’s cohesion. My gifts don’t seem to be opposed to one another anymore. I thought teaching about money and being a spiritual teacher were opposed to one another. Only in my mind they are. Denying any part of myself is abuse. Judging […]

Sweet Vulnerability

There’s such a beautiful vulnerability to life. It’s so sweet. So precious. I can’t accurately express my full awareness and appreciation for this. Yet, I’m called to speak this — to express and share these words. May this expression be in service to the greatest good for us all.

Update for 2008

If you happen to have stopped by and you are reading this, it’s been a while since I last posted. So much has developed since then. So many wonderful things. I am witnessing what I’ve prayed and intended for, through my writings and through my radio show and through my own private time with myself….manifest. […]