Quitting your Job: How to Make it a Smooth Transition

I’m so excited to explore the topic of quitting your job, so you can feel better giving more time to a business you love. Are you struggling with the thought of leaving your job to run your business? Do you fear leaving your job then not having consistent cashflow? This week, from my experience leaving my […]

Financial Goal: How to Achieve Yours in 1 Month – Part 2 of 2

Let’s follow-up on how you can close out this month achieving your financial goal. There are 3 steps. In my newsletter 2 weeks ago,  I shared that your 1st step is to be crystal clear on exactly what your financial goal is this month, and why. Your 2nd step is to set your financial goal in motion through affirmation. I share […]

Financial Goal: How to Achieve Yours in 1 Month – Part 1 of 2

Let’s explore how you can hit your financial goal this month. Are you on target to achieve your money goal this quarter? If not, it’s not too late. This, and the next blog I post, include the 3 steps it takes to hit your financial goal by this month. Are you ready? Your 1st step […]

Prosperity: Find your Personal Key to It in Business

This week, I share a process I use with my clients to help them create 5 and 6 figure abundance breakthroughs in business, in a short amount of time. Here’s what’s included in the vlog this week — How to Find your Personal Key to Prosperity: Process to find your personal key to prosperity How to […]

How to Perceive Money to Make More Money

If you’re in the US, I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend! Celebrating Independence Day and freedom got me thinking… Anything we achieve externally, starts from an internal insight — from within. Every great victory of freedom we enjoy in our lives started with internal clarity — not only on what we want, but how we perceive what […]

How to Regain your Confidence after a Setback

I was asked a very important question on Periscope about confidence and how to recover from a setback. In my response, I also share the lifechanging differences between approaching life with an abundance mindset vs. a lack mentality. After watching, leave a comment below this video in the comments, and share how you’ve recovered from setbacks. […]

How to Speed Up Business Success

Hello Dear Single Mama, I just love entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. It’s an incredible journey to building a thriving business. Looking back to when I started my first business over 7 years ago, there’s one thing I wish I had. Although I was successful in a short amount of time (I was earning $7,000 a month […]

Best time to go for your goals

Happy Summer! I love the summer, not just because I’m a summer baby :), but because it’s that time of year that’s perfect for finally letting go of tough lessons learned in winter, reveling in the internal beauty and insight that spring brings, and moving forward on your goals that you planted in the fall. […]

How to live your Sacred Calling AND get paid for it

Life is really good. If you’ll allow me a moment, I’d love to share why. I adore being a mother to an incredible little girl. I’m in blissful love with my work AND I’m being paid for it. (Yes!) I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, and my brilliant sister, who I’m so grateful for. […]

3 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series & Reiki Healing

In 2014, miracles are already flowing. How are these miracles coming into my life? REIKI If you want to see a quick and powerful transformation in a certain area of your life… If you need to make a way, out of now way… Reiki’s the answer. It’s a very relaxing form of energy work that can […]