What’s a Money Block?

I’ve co-created some wonderful things and situations in my life… a thriving bookkeeping biz in 18 months, a 10-day birthday trip to Paris, an SUV I wanted in 4 months, beautiful friendships, and last but certainly not least, my incredible daughter, and more. I’m not sharing this to brag, but to make a point. I […]

Wendy and Her Bank Account Won + How Yours Can Too

I got an awesome email from Wendy yesterday, a fellow blog reader and money magnet. She’s had a fantastic money win. What she shares in her email is so important. I had to share it with you. Here’s what she said:                       So how can […]

A Law of Attraction Tip for Greater Abundance

  There are so many different tools and systems for attracting abundance in your business and life. But, this one singular technique supercharges them all. Watch the above video to discover this very important factor. If you activate this key technique consistently, you’ll attract a consistent flow of money and abundance to you. When I shifted my focus in […]

The Successful Approach to the Law of Attraction

One of THE most powerful laws of the Universe to co-create a thriving business doing work you love, is the Law of Attraction. In order to harness this powerful law in your favor, you’ve gotta have the right approach. I’m happy to share this successful approach with you, that helps you create and enjoy what […]

Great News about the Abundance you Desire

I’m sharing the best news ever about the abundance you want in your life and business. Once you get this, you’ll be unstoppable in your manifestations. Even the sky won’t be the limit. Ready for the great news? Watch this week’s video by clicking the the picture below. To your abundance, Simone P.S. Have you […]

The Power of Segmenting

Simply put, segmenting is awesome for deliberate creation. Segmenting is an Abraham-Hicks process I use to keep a high-vibrating, easy flow to my day. It helps me to feel that I’m fully participating in my deliberate creation, while also helping me to not stress about what I want and when it’s coming. Here’s the quick […]

Allowing Myself to Be, Do & Have What I Want

This post contains affiliate links.  When it comes to being, doing and having what I want, I’m at a crossroads. The Universe has confirmed, in a few ways, that I’ve done my work. I’ve cleared away the crappy, negative beliefs that are out of alignment with what I really want. Important Sidenote: Beliefs are empty. […]

Manifestation Series XII – Miracles

The other week I was telling Elle that I needed a few miracles. The next day, I received a flyer in the mail announcing the 3rd installment of the Metu Neter book series. The name of the book is ‘The Key to Miracles’. Check. Prior Manifestations I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, […]

Update for 2008

If you happen to have stopped by and you are reading this, it’s been a while since I last posted. So much has developed since then. So many wonderful things. I am witnessing what I’ve prayed and intended for, through my writings and through my radio show and through my own private time with myself….manifest. […]

Manifestation Series XI – Ask and It Is Given

On my way in to work today, I intended for my clients to offer me more money. It felt good and I really connected with the intention emotionally…vibrationally. As soon as my client walked in the door, she said, ‘Simone, would you be able to give us another day here each week starting in September?’ […]