VLOG: Why I Love Satsang

Hello dear reader! So here’s the thing… Please don’t judge me okay? My hair’s slightly jacked up in my video. Ha! I recorded it after a long day hanging out with my beautiful daughter. And, I was so excited to sit in front of the computer and record my latest vid (on one of my favorite topics — Satsang,) […]

2 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series & More Reiki Healing

Hello dear readers, In my last blog post, I shared how much I’ve been enjoying the bliss and breakthroughs that have come from my daily Reiki practice. Since then, my life opened even more to beauty and support I never imagined… Miracles abound. If you’re ready to open yourself up to miracles, email me at info at […]

3 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series & Reiki Healing

In 2014, miracles are already flowing. How are these miracles coming into my life? REIKI If you want to see a quick and powerful transformation in a certain area of your life… If you need to make a way, out of now way… Reiki’s the answer. It’s a very relaxing form of energy work that can […]