Manifestation Series – II – Express Delivery Update: Na’im Akbar

These videos of psychologist, Dr. Na’im Akbar, came into my awareness recently. I have one of his books entitled, ‘Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery‘. The 3rd segment was a direct answer to my sense of hopelessness and despair about the state of black communities. Another confirmation that the Law of Attraction is real. Prior […]

Belief Busting

Belief Busting is a process I use to bust beliefs that aren’t working for me and then replacing that belief with one that is in line with my Spirit. While I’m feeling bad or feeling what are referred to as negative emotions, I’ll see what beliefs I have that are making me feel that way. When […]

The Living Spirit in All Things

I was walking in the park today. I came upon a beautiful creek. As I stopped to get a closer look at the water. I was drawn by the sweetness of the water flowing gently over and past the rocks in its path. I breathed in the peaceful sounds of the creek, the wind, and […]

Destiny vs. Free Will. What’s the deal?

In looking at the concepts of Destiny vs. Free Will, I’ve discovered I’m limiting myself by choosing to subscribe to destiny or free will.   There’s fulfillment in recognizing and honoring destiny and free will. Both exist simultaneously.   A friend of mine recently did my natal astrology chart. She was able to break down, with […]

How to Crush It using The Secret

This post contains affiliate links.  Recently, an open letter to Oprah Winfrey asked her to stop promoting ‘The Secret‘ because it espouses blind positive thinking. Actually, positive thinking is not what Oprah nor ‘The Secret‘ claim or espouse. I specifically remember watching the show where Oprah interviewed participants from ‘The Secret’ documentary. One of the […]