Best time to go for your goals

Happy Summer!

I love the summer, not just because I’m a summer baby :), but because it’s that time of year that’s perfect for finally letting go of tough lessons learned in winter, reveling in the internal beauty and insight that spring brings, and moving forward on your goals that you planted in the fall.

Even if you didn’t consciously go through that process, that’s okay. Now’s the time to go for it — in whatever appropriate way that looks like for you.

Our goals can be both internal and external.

An internal goal could be to surrender more deeply to the Divine’s peace in your heart, in each moment. And external goal could be to boldly take the next step toward living what you love.

Whatever your goal, no matter how big or small, I wish you all the best with it! And if you’re wanting more in-depth support from me, contact me, and we’ll get you goin’.

Deepest Peace and deepest Love,

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