What’s a Money Block?

I’ve co-created some wonderful things and situations in my life…

  1. a thriving bookkeeping biz in 18 months,
  2. a 10-day birthday trip to Paris,
  3. an SUV I wanted in 4 months,
  4. beautiful friendships, and
  5. last but certainly not least, my incredible daughter, and more.

I’m not sharing this to brag, but to make a point. I created all of those things in a respectable amount of time. But last year, something kicked my manifestations up a notch in a wonderful way!

Once I started to identify these, it led to my co-creating $97,000 in appreciating assets in 10 days.

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When I found out about these, I was amazed at the impact they had on the level of abundance I allowed to flow (or not flow) in my business and life.

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This Thursday, I’m going to be sharing with you, the exact system I used to manifest 6 figures in 1 month — that includes $97,000 in appreciating assets and $8,000 of additional income in my business.

I’m also going to be sharing more success stories of people just like you with fantastic and inspiring money wins. I highly recommend lending your precious time and attention to these blogs over the next few days. It can make the difference for you between another year gone by where you don’t create what you desire, and creating an abundant business, making good money, doing what you love, with ease.


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