Wendy and Her Bank Account Won + How Yours Can Too

I got an awesome email from Wendy yesterday, a fellow blog reader and money magnet. She’s had a fantastic money win. What she shares in her email is so important. I had to share it with you. Here’s what she said:                       So how can […]

The Successful Approach to the Law of Attraction

One of THE most powerful laws of the Universe to co-create a thriving business doing work you love, is the Law of Attraction. In order to harness this powerful law in your favor, you’ve gotta have the right approach. I’m happy to share this successful approach with you, that helps you create and enjoy what […]

NEVER say this word

There’s a very commonly used word related to money that I highly recommend you stop saying immediately. It cuts off the natural flow of financial abundance to you. And, that’s no fun. To find out what that word is, be sure to watch this quick video to keep money flowing to you in a never […]

The Power of Segmenting

Simply put, segmenting is awesome for deliberate creation. Segmenting is an Abraham-Hicks process I use to keep a high-vibrating, easy flow to my day. It helps me to feel that I’m fully participating in my deliberate creation, while also helping me to not stress about what I want and when it’s coming. Here’s the quick […]

Allowing Myself to Be, Do & Have What I Want

This post contains affiliate links.  When it comes to being, doing and having what I want, I’m at a crossroads. The Universe has confirmed, in a few ways, that I’ve done my work. I’ve cleared away the crappy, negative beliefs that are out of alignment with what I really want. Important Sidenote: Beliefs are empty. […]

Belief Busting

Belief Busting is a process I use to bust beliefs that aren’t working for me and then replacing that belief with one that is in line with my Spirit. While I’m feeling bad or feeling what are referred to as negative emotions, I’ll see what beliefs I have that are making me feel that way. When […]