Be More Confident and Create a Thriving Business that you Love, on Your Own Terms

Simone Craig

80% of your success in business is due to your mindset — what you predominantly think and feel about yourself, and your business. An abundance mindset isn’t an option for an entrepreneur’s success. It’s a necessity.

When you invest in yourself, you want results. When my clients follow my advice, that’s exactly what they get. Results.

“I knew when I met Simone it was a sign from the Universe. 2 months after I started implementing her advice and insights, I manifested over $6,000 a month in income! It’s just fantastic!” ~Kimberly Kucharcki, Capitola, CA

Are you ready to have an exceptional abundance mindset that delivers results? If so, you’re in the right place, Love.

Private Mentoring
1-on-1 mentoring services to create exceptional abundance in your business and life. Includes VIP mindset care that supports entrepreneurs through the transition of upleveling their business.
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“In the powerful partnership that is coaching with Simone, I started believing in myself again, finished my Master’s thesis and completed my Masters degree. I passed my real estate exam, gained the confidence to put myself out there, and started running my own real estate business. And now, I’m actually saving money. When I need to borrow money, I borrow it from myself. Thank you, Simone.”

–JMF, Real Estate Professional
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Abundance with Ease – Program is now archived.
Abundance with Ease
8-week abundance mindset training program to manifest multiple streams of income and consistent cash flow in your business, with ease. Students learn to relax their way to the next level of success in their business.

“Last week, I doubled my income. I’m at my goal of $8,000 a month. And, I’ve manifested 2 additional streams of income. I appreciate all that you and the Abundance with Ease program has done for me and my family! Thank you!”

–Tabitha Chaldaris, Sales Professional
How to Make Money Fall in Love with your Bank Account
How to Make Money Fall in Love with your Bank Account
30-minute abundance mindset training to create an abundance breakthrough in your business, within 60 days. Includes my signature process, The Money Block Buster, that clears your money block in 5 minutes or less.
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“Simone! I’m a week into doing your {How to Make Money Fall in Love with your Bank Account} course and sales from my webinar this week are triple what they’ve ever been before. #YouRock.”

–Karen Yankovich, Digital Strategist, Social Media Expert and Speaker
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