Simone’s Soapbox

The words I live by.

The bedrock of my company culture, these Core Values give us words to live by. The more we use them, the more we internalize them… and the more we internalize them, the more we evangelize them… and the more we evangelize them, the more we spread our message of financial empowerment through generational wealth.. 


Take the Advice / Do the Work

Remember why you started in the first place? Your life was chaos. You came to the table, hat in hand, ready to do what it takes to flip the script on your limiting beliefs and money madness. I have told you what to do. Now, do it. Anything less is self-sabotage. 


Build Black Generational Wealth

The rules of Wall Street and the secrets of building generational wealth are accessible now in a way that they weren’t before. Lean on all that the world has to offer in resources and financial growth vehicles and set your future family up for peace, prosperity, and security. 


Wealth is Worth

Generational money is quiet. It doesn’t posture. Keep it old money and bask in the self-satisfaction that you have checked “build an empire” and “fortify legacy” off of your bucket list. 


Sovereignty is in the Sauce 

Financial sovereignty is beyond security. It’s not just about access to resources, it’s about determining your own financial policy and being able to choose from many opportunities. It’s what we’ve got simmering on the stove and it’s what we’re serving up to anyone willing to break through self-imposed barriers and instant gratifications.


Emancipate Yourself

See systemic racism and inequalities in the financial arena as a challenge for the great and ripened soul you are. See them as divine hurdles you came here, and therefore, are destined to overcome. Embrace your assigned journey to free yourself and the next generation from the financial patterns and pathologies of dependency cycles and predatory practices, break the landlord-tenant loop and bake diversified income streams into your way of life. 


Make Peace with Money

“I’m just bad with money,” or “money just doesn’t stick to me,” are words we consider sacrilegious. Money is a tool. It is a sacred vehicle by which we can make more of it. It affords us a voice at the table and peace of mind. If the very idea of money gives you anxiety, then the time has come to heal; because you’re not bad with money, you just don’t understand it….yet. And that’s where we come in. 


Close the Wealth Gap 

Think there’s nothing you can do about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Think again. When it comes to closing the wealth gap for women, communities of color, and any other disenfranchised community, financial intelligence + resource management + investment opportunities are like kryptonite to financial struggle. 

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