The 3 Legged-Stool of Scaling Up

Step on to this stable table to get to the next level.

Although entrepreneurs are conditioned to build our businesses in fear (I mean, if I hear another doomsday 1-out-of statistic, I’m going to have to double my daily dose of positive aspirations!) I believe that just the sheer act of showing up day after day, presenting solutions to clients with a price tag attached, and executing on your promise of growth and transformation and building a reputation, that alone makes you a person who can create massive wealth and more than a lifetime of basking in manifested money—validated, relaxed, and free.


When you’ve figured out how to run a profitable business, priced right and avoiding any one single point of failure, well-funded and supported by a team of happy helpers, the question weighing heavy on every entrepreneur’s head is How. To. Scale. This Baby. 


If you’ve got your sight set on scaling, I welcome you to the winner’s circle. You made it, baby. Now ready yourself to level up yet again by triangulating triumphant business building with these three super-charge scaleable actions you can take to love your next level-up.


Profit Plan

You’ve heard of a business plan, a sales plan, and even a financial plan. Meet their younger and prettier sister, the profit plan. This nimble document grows commensurate with your business goals and informs your budget. She gets granular on income and expenses and does everything in her power to activate the highest possible profit margin to sustain your business and position you to follow any dream, no matter how bold. 


Tax Plan


This is paying taxes with intention and purpose. Is there a place to reallocate hard-earned income to other endeavors that further along wealth creation and legacy building? Hell yeah, let’s do that instead of cutting a check to Uncle Sam. A tax plan makes absolutely sure that your business structure and activities serve our families and communities first before we pay the US Government.


Wealth Coaching 


You might think that you’re ready to have an abundance of wealth — I mean, can’t you just taste it? — but your mindset may not have gotten the memo. Set yourself up for success in your future success by getting the support and guidance you need to lean into this level of leadership. For any real growth and sustainable legacy building, you must be able to adapt your thinking before you can expand your wallet. 


The meaning of life is to enjoy it; fully enjoy it. If you have the kind of business that begs to support your through sustainable scalability, make wealth coaching planning for profit and taxes part of your blueprint for big magic. 

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