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The Importance of Paying Yourself

Women, we can’t close the wealth gap without you.

Let’s celebrate the personal fortitude, mindset mastery, and 30’ perspective required to grow generational wealth. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes a special kind of person to show up day after day in search of financial freedom in the face of the great unknown. We wait for no man…. because sisters are doing it for themselves.

But it only works if we’re all committed to the cause of sustainable sovereignty. The good news is that what’s possible for one is possible for all; if a woman before you figured out how to start from scratch and end at sovereignty, you can do it, too. 

All we have to do is pay ourselves. 

The path has already been paved, the roadmap is publicly and readily available, support is out there. So what’s holding us back from launching our legacies? We’re not paying ourselves. 

This is a fundamental crack in the social equality arsenal and it simply won’t do. We must pay ourselves, consistently. We must pay ourselves well, and consistently, and often. 

It’s easy to see why we keep playing it small. Women have been conditioned for generations of social values that in order to be a “good” nurturer, you must sacrifice. Don’t believe me? Pay attention to your Facebook feed around mother;s day. There are way too many posts that put mothers on a pedestal for all they “do” for their families without asking for an ounce in return. 

Let’s link pinks and form a circle of solidarity in defense of being a good nurturer and contributor without working tirelessly for free. You don’t have to work in order to live.

Make your personal income from your own business a non-negotiable expense. 

If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people who depend on you to be productive, paid, and pretty happy. If it’s a struggle to prioritize your paycheck, put it in the hands of your bookkeeper. Start with a profit-first philosophy and remember that investing in yourself IS investing in your business. 

Beat it, bootstrapping.

When you realize that you are spending a significant part of your day doing $25/hr tasks, it’s time to reevaluate if DIY’n everything is helping you out or holding you back. Shout out to $25/hr tasks in their own right, but if they’re what’s getting in the way from you doing $2500 or $25,000/hr tasks, Whitney Houston, we have a problem. 

From cog-in-the-system to commander-in-chief.

When we show up day after day in our business like the world’s greatest unpaid intern, we have what the technical types call a “single point of failure.”  You must abandon your identity as the accidental entrepreneur and get woke to your role as captain of this here ship. The captain cannot conquer uncharted business waters when they are swabbing the deck. Create a system that supports you without wondering how you’re going to stay afloat.

Get real, girl. It’s a 50/50 split.

Dream bigger ‘cause the reality it’s not as rosy as the revenue stream. $15,000 of monthly income to your business does not translate to $15,000 flowing into your bank account. Readjust your understanding to consider half for your and half for the business and uncle Sam. There’s never been a more important reason to prioritize paying yourself, there’s less in your profit pool than you may think.

Your business only has one job and that is to support your and your lifestyle

Stop letting your business give you jobs; you give your business the job! It is here to make the most out of your professionalism, expertise, and acumen so that we all can eat. If you see it as more volunteer than vocation, you’re depriving the world — and your future clients  — of a sustainable business they can rely on to help them solve their problems. The greater good depends on you paying yourself. 

When you pay yourself, you can stop chasing waterfalls and finally tap into the human imagination and your own personal power of creation. What’s your next chapter? How do you want to show up and serve the world? You can’t do any of that stuff if you are spinning out trying to keep your lights on and to light up the world. 

Change the narrative on paying yourself and tighten the circle of sisterhood circulating currency, cash, creativity, and collaboration and thinking big: long term, big picture, for the next gen.

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