The power of financial awakening. Meet Rebecca.

Scattered self-starter turned CFO-of-her-own-life

This year has been a powerful one, friends. I have accomplished all that I set out to…and more. And while I would love to boast about my personal projects and accomplishments, more than anything I am so proud of the work my clients are doing to create an empowered life for themselves, abundant and free.

When I met Rebecca Gunter, owner of a marketing and branding consultancy, she had such small dreams for herself. “How much revenue do you want to generate in your business each month?” I asked her in our first meeting. She took a breath and then bravely said, “$5000. I think I could make $5000 consistently.” With my consultant’s hat firmly on I said, “ok, so at $5000 a month, that’s 50% to you and 50% to your business. You’ll be bringing in $2500 a month for yourself. Is that right?”


Rebecca Gunter

She sat in silence. “No. No, that’s not going to work at all.” And in that moment, Rebecca made a decision to reset her expectations—and her mindset. She set her sights on becoming the CFO of her own life. 

There’s plenty of money. Seriously. 

It isn’t always easy for an entrepreneur to come to terms with their own limiting beliefs. Starting a business in order to not work for someone else is one thing; being a business owner and boss, well, that’s a whole different story. 

But Rebecca was determined to stop undermining herself. She needed someone who could help her put an end to the bad-credit-to-no-credit-at-all hamster wheel, profitless business development, and chronic undercapitalization. She needed to invest time—and money—into uplevelling her financial acumen and literacy. She needed to understand how taxes work and how to avoid overpaying them. She needed squeaky clean bookkeeping to set her free from miscalculated expenses and missed opportunities. And more than anything, she needed to connect with the idea that a life of peaceful abundance was at her fingertips. 

Flash forward one calendar year. Rebecca Gunter multiplied her monthly income by five times in just 8 months.

“Rebecca, what is your goal for monthly revenue in your business this year?” and she flashes me a wry smile. “$30,000, Simone. I think I can get to $30,000.” Was this a pipe dream? Hell no. I know that her goal is attainable. As a matter of fact, I know it’s already done. She just has to execute to do it. For you see, in the eight months that we’ve been working together, she not only multiplied her income, she’s investing wisely in her business and herself.

Here’s how we got there: 

  • We started with some private 1:1 coaching. Rebecca was long overdue for a total mindset makeover. She needed to home to the realization on her own terms that there was no reason under the sun she couldn’t be paid (and paid very well) for her expertise and white-glove services in her sector..she just had to believe it. 
  • Then we got deep into learning mode. Rebecca was part of the inaugural cohort of Abundance Accelerator, 9-weeks of basic training about business and personal finance from Abundance School for Generational Wealth.  
  • We filled her ears with the voice of reason, Rebecca watched videos at Manifest with Simone when she felt compelled to fall into old habits or lose faith.
  • Rebecca enrolled in professional bookkeeping services, upgrading her software and systems and giving her the benefit of monthly reconciliation and reporting. Adulting is as adulting does, I always say. 
  • We surrounded Rebecca in camaraderie and community with Sisters in Sovereignty, our private group for women making $30K or more in their business. Sometimes you just have to see it to be it. 

Rebecca’s transformation was radical. Over eight months, she learned to:

✏️ Release the limiting beliefs that held her back from creating massive abundance

✏️ Clear the fog on money matters and unblock understanding

✏️ Get in a manifesting mood and mindset that creates more money by making good decisions big and small that directly impact the success of her profitability 

I am so proud of the woman who shed her scarcity mindset to embrace a way of building a thriving and highly profitable business that also builds a high quality life.

Do you want to multiply your income in 2022? Are you ready to transform your business and life? I can help. Schedule some complimentary time with me here: 

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