Investing in certain uncertainty. Meet Susan.

Reaping ROI with unshakable confidence.

It happened the moment when Susan Epstein refused to accept the status quo in her financial wellness, she became CFO of her own life. 

Every CPA she could remember treated her like they never even heard of “freelancing” before. They saw her income as erratic, revenue as beginner’s luck, and the business model itself highly suspect.

Thank you, next. 

Successful coaching businesses aren’t a magical unicorn; they represented 5.5% of self-employment for women in 2021. Susan wasn’t literally putting the free in freelance, her coaching practice supported her, a VA, and eight-plus contractors. 

When she needed personal income, or to finance over-and-above expenses, or to save for a quality-of-life upgrade, she easily paid herself. She had plenty of clients paying a fair rate for quality coaching services and programs. 

Susan had built a thriving business. She was anything but erratic or just lucky—by any metric she had “made it.” The structure was dependable and it works. 

And yet, Susan knew there was more to life than just taking in more than she circulates; she had a quality retirement plan taking shape in her mind. 

If she was paying too much in taxes, simply because she was unaware of her options, that was going to get in the way of bringing that vision to fruition. 

If her bookkeeping was always “done,” but no one took the time to use the data provided in those numbers that could help her accelerate her growth, it was going to take so much longer to get to her goal. 

If there was never a “plan for profit,” would she ever really be able to retire? Like, ever?

There has got to be a better way. Her business was not an altruistic venture, it was a business. <punches fist in the air for emphasis!> 

And so, just like you would expect from a good coach and a seasoned problem-solving entrepreneur, she started looking for someone to coach and counsel her that was NOT a CPA, per se. “I needed more than a tax time person,” she said, “I had an accountant already. I wanted a deeper professional relationship.”

Becoming self-possessed, glowing with financial intelligence, insight & inspiration.

When paths crossed, it could have been divine intervention; the right place and the right time. 

She didn’t just hang out there, either. Susan got to work, enrolling in bookkeeping, getting a tax plan done and monthly CFO services. 

Then, Susan joined Sisters in Circulation and dove right into the proud and proactive dynamic we’re building there. “It’s nice to be with other people in the group,” she shared, “it’s eclectic and diverse.” (That’s a heckuva improvement over erratic and just lucky, amirite?)

Together, we made her CFO of her own life. 

She’s got a new attitude about money and the role it plays in living life on her own terms. She’s got an infallible action plan to fund the retirement of her dreams. She knows just how much profit she’s working with—and what profit she can expect in the future. Her books are a source of information and inspiration; they paint a path to vast abundance for her, her team, and her clients…and there’s plenty left over for charitable action. “I know that it’s coming and I am in control of it,” she says. 

Susan only has one regret in her journey from apathetic CPAs to financial empowerment and real-life sovereignty and that is not starting sooner. “If I knew Simone earlier, I would have done more for my retirement. She has given me the discipline and clarity to do things I didn’t even know were possible.” 

She describes her life as more balanced. She knows just how much she is saving. Susan has goals and is meeting them on the regular. Her services and programs are set up to support profitability. She is able to pay her team. (“I was even able to give someone a raise!” she shared excitedly.) 

Her elevated mindset, one of vast abundance, fully supports a generous culture. 

Now, Susan’s business is satisfying on so many levels. Not only does she have the unshakable self-belief in her ability to attract good, profitable work, she is doing it in a way that she can be proud of, giving back to many and uplifting others. Not only that, but she also continues to hit her aggressive savings goals. <slow whistle>

Here’s how we got there: 

  • We started with a wealth assessment and used that to create a 1-year plan. Susan learned how much to save for taxes and set up the business for sustainable and abundant growth. 
  • Fractional CFO services: monthly check-ins are now a permanent part of the plan; together we take a look at her books, reviewing categories and making sure that every dollar has a job. We’re profit planning commensurate with financial goals for retirement and investments. We focus on taxes, profit, and Susan paying herself. This is the place where we celebrate and/or course correct based on what the numbers are telling us.
  • Then we got deep into profit planning mode. We parsed out four discreet bank accounts and made a plan for each: operations, savings, profit, and tax. We made monthly decisions about how to manage money with purpose and intention. 
  • We delivered her first line of defense against overpaying in taxes due to blinds pots by cleaning up her books and bringing everything—and I mean everything—completely current, entered and categorized correctly. 
  • If nothing else, Susan needed someone who could do a better tax return, someone with a trusted ear and a consultative approach. For the first time in years, she had a good tax return based on accurate and correct bookkeeping.
  • We served as fiduciary, serving the needs of the business itself above all others with impeccable books and an eagle eye on tax savings, implementing more than one strategy to avoid overpaying. 
  • We surrounded Susan in camaraderie and community with Sisters in Circulation, our private group for women making $10K or more in their business. Susan was long overdue for a total mindset makeover. She needed to come to the realization on her own terms that the penny-pinching and scarcity mindset she had learned from her parents was exactly what was holding her back from true wealth. She stepped into the limitless belief that money is here to be enjoyed. 

Susan’s transformation was radical. Over 18 months, she learned to:

✏️ Talk confidently about her numbers; she knew them inside and out.

✏️ Get clear on what her business is worth and understand valuation. 

✏️ Get in a manifesting mood and mindset that creates more money by making good decisions big and small that directly impact the success of her profitability.

It’s no fun being in a deep dark cave, not understanding your financials. Many more of us have been there than not. But there is a big wide ocean out there, come swim in the worry-free waters of financial abundance. Join Susan + me in the jetstream of discipline and clarity as web-line for lifestyle freedom. 
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  1. I too have been working with Simone and know Susan personally. All of the above is true, Susan is more in charge of her finances than she has ever been and the concern has eased considerably since working with Simone.

    I too, am seeing great benefits in “circulating” rather than spending, in planning rather than worrying, in having a financial partner who really cares about my success.

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