Reinvention in the Aftermath of the Pandemic.

Meet Pamela. Calling forth health, wealth, joy, and success.

Pamela’s story began way before the Pandemic put a chokehold on women’s progress in the workspace, but this is where it became shockingly clear—when it comes to this high-performing executive leadership coach accustomed to bringing $10K+ into her business every month, the cobbler’s children had no shoes.

That is to say that despite her intimate knowledge of the power of mindset in leadership roles, and years spent coaching high-level executives through conflict, Pamela found herself stuck on repeat in limiting money beliefs and unhealthy money mindsets herself.

She was not alone. Over the last two years, almost all of my clients have been negatively impacted by the stress of the Pandemic.

The singular difference between those who weathered the storm with confidence and grace and those who crumbled under the pressure of it all always distilled down to one thing: self-belief.

Pamela had definitely lost her way. Despite years of comfortable reputation-building with quality clients, enjoying a peaceful and spiritual life, cruising along on life’s highway, convertible top-down, humming along happily to her karmic Spotify playlist, she came around the bend and suddenly found herself driving headlights first into the world’s largest traffic jam.

It was amidst this global clusterf*ck that Pamela’s financial mindset and the intrinsic value of her self-worth came into question.

And question she did.

She questioned everything. How long would she actually have clients? When will the work dry up? How was she going to afford to keep her business open and running? How would expenses get covered? What about herself? How long could she live without any income? 😩 😳 😬 😵💫

The deep-rooted aftershock of the Pandemic shook Pamela to the core.

“I was playing the blame game,” she shared, “It was all in my head. I bought into the story. I kept thinking that there was nothing out there. I lost my mojo.”

Fear not, reader, like all of my clients, Pamela is a rugged self-starter. When the going got tough, she got going. She tried everything that she could think of—even volunteering as a coach for beloved entrepreneurial incubator and national nonprofit SCORE—to lead herself out of the darkness of scarcity and reset her mindset for peace and abundance.

And that is when she found me.

When Pamela came to me for cleaned-up books to file her taxes, her real need was to feel secure. That was going to take more than squeaky clean books and an SBA loan to get back on her feet; this was going to take a new attitude about money and her relationship with it.

In order to overcome her scarcity mindset, she needed to be attractive to circulating currency. She needed to call abundance to her. She needed to make money fall in love with her bank account.

Enter How to Make Money Fall in Love With Your Bank Account

Pamela was ready to embrace all that this keystone program promised to deliver: listen to these lessons over and over until you embed them in your subconscious mind and you will manifest an abundant way of life.

And embrace it she did.

It started with the spark of a feeling—wealth, health, joy, and success. “I made them my new words,” she beams, “you’ve got to say what you want.”

What Pamela discovered in her journey to her financial glow-up was that by simply changing her language, she could change her worldview. “Simone taught me how to take the contradictions out of my life, it’s not ‘spend,’ I ‘circulate;’ now I call wealth to my bank account, instead of thinking about what I ‘have’ in there. She rebooted me.”

By leveraging the power of the subconscious mind and feeding it healthy words and ideas, you can become the self-sustaining, self-actualized, sovereign bad*ss you were born to be.

Now, Pamela has found her footing again. Not only did she meet her initial money goals at neck-breaking speed, she massively increased her pre-“Pam”demic monthly revenue catapulting from $1k to $40k within a single month. She has a plan to secure her quality of life for the long haul and bring forth the righteous abundance breakthroughs that will create your estate.

Here’s how we got there:

  • We started with a business loan that would stabilize her business and give her the ability to pay herself.
  • Month after month, we got her books in tip-top shape and brought everything—and I mean everything—completely current, entered and categorized correctly.
  • We leaned hard into coaching, meeting for our monthly check-in and financial empowerment sessions; the struggle was real for Pamela to get clients and keep the lights on with a scarcity mindset.

Pamela’s transformation was radical. Over 60 days, she learned to:

✏️ Talk confidently about her worth and attract clients who see her as a high-value partner, worthy of a great investment.

✏️ Get clear on what she wanted, why she wanted it, and how she was going to feel when she got it.

✏️ The stamina to keep working in an abundant mindset, money woke, banishing doubt, and calling money to her.

Women business owners who have successfully taken care of everyone else but fear deep down inside that no one has their back financially, fear not. Join me and Pamela and the thousands of other women who are beginning their journey—or gotten lost along the way—and get minds right to bring forth the righteous abundance breakthroughs that will create your estate. Apply to work with me here:

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