Meditations, Affirmations, and Manifestations (how fly!)

What we really mean by “make it happen.”

I want you to think about a self-employed consultant who is able to retire ten years early because she made the right financial choices throughout much of the lifecycle of her business. 

She’s now able to explore the world and do things she’s always dreamed of doing—all while she’s still young, energized, and prime for embracing opportunities and abundance. She can now also devote time and money to missions, causes, and campaigns near and dear to her heart…. and spend as much quality time as she wants with friends and family. 

Now, think about the most wealthy person you know, in person or a business celebrity.

What does the self-employed consultant have in common with financially-free investors and generational wealth bulders? On the surface, you might not think much. In terms of financial portfolios, this is probably true, the latter is likely enjoying many, many more zeros on a bank statement. However, in terms of lifestyle, these two types of people might not be as “night & day” or “apples & oranges” as they appear at first glance.

Upon a deeper inspection, they are very much alike in a powerful way. 

They both share one important attribute, and in my opinion, the most important attribute. They’re financially independent; and both the retired, formerly self-employed consultant and the Grant Cardone-type have the sovereignty to live their lives on their own terms and no one else’s.

Wealth can look different on different people. Serial entrepreneur and repeat investor Gary Vaynerchuck is worth more than $200 million, CEO of a very successful media company and in pursuit of his life’s mission to buy the NY Jets. Then there’s also the unpretentious “millionaire next door” who lives in a modest 2,000 sq. ft. bungalow and drives a serviceable 8-year-old Subaru Forrester but has her kid in private school, no credit card or student loan debt, and travels several times a year.   

The wealthy come in all shades and sizes, but they all have one, singular golden thread that weaves through the design of every aspect of their life: they’re all financially independent. 

None of them have to work if they don’t want to.  

If being financially independent of a job you hate or a life that holds you back—no matter what that looks like to you—you have to succeed at one job. And that job is to make money fall in love with your bank account.  

Attracting deep streams of income outside of your self-imposed expectations is the only job you need to be concerned about and the only one you need to succeed at if you are to achieve the financial freedom to live life in that sweet, sweet sovereignty. 

The Misconception

I want to smash a common limiting belief that many of us harbour about manifesting your dream life—the misconception that abundant wealth and lifestyle freedom will take care of itself as long as you’re creating value and working hard; but, alas, building value and hard work alone aren’t going to cut it if you don’t have the self-belief that when it comes to living an abundant life on your own terms, you can make it happen….or that you even deserve it. 

How many hard-working women and mothers have spent their last dying breath in the service of others at their own expense because they didn’t actually believe that a life of sovereignty and financial independence was for them? Too many to count.  

Plenty of value-delivering and hard-working people have died tied to paychecks, pensions, and medicare—and plenty of under-delivering and not-so-nice people have achieved generational wealth and total lifestyle freedom.

Life may not be fair, but the one universal rule for receiving abundance has never changed, and that is unless you actively and purposefully speak and feel it into existence —enough times that soon you actually believe it—you will never attract wealth. You’ll never achieve the lifestyle and financial freedom you desire.

Good things just don’t come to you if you’re building value and working hard. In fact, the harder you work, the less likely you’re doing the right things to attract abundance. 

There are plenty of entrepreneurs who work 80 hours a week but can never muster more than three weeks of vacation a year because they’re in a cycle of indentured servitude to output and trading money for time. 

Where to Begin

The wealthy, sovereign, and financially free are particular about what they fixate on. The ideas they gravitate to are not ones they learned at home with penny-pinching parents or reckless spouses; they prefer positive I-statements in a mindset that flows with abundance, appreciates over time, and influences impactful decision-making. 

In short, they want above-market returns on their own self-belief, insulated from toxic money stories or low-esteem, and they want to keep intrusive thoughts from even being a thing.

The key to abundance isn’t all hard work and no play; the key is to leverage the big payoff of goal-setting, meditating, and brass-ring-getting. 

And while very few people have a big inheritance coming or income-producing business that’s been funding their own retirement from day one, fortunately, there are spiritual opportunities that anyone can tap into. Anyone at all can align themselves with powerful forces in the universe and tap into the proven principles in quantum physics that direct energy to the things they affirm to be. 

Co-create a reality in which every decision—micro and macro—empowers your words until they are experienced. 

By leveraging the knowledge, time, and infrastructure of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction, entrepreneurs are able to invest in the practice of honing the success mindset that the already sovereign and enlightened rely on to abundantly support and sustain their independent lifestyles—self-belief and positive affirmations that flow and grow over time and offer significant mental health benefits, with little time commitment and for a fraction of the mental energy it takes to spin out in worry, doom-scrolling, and anxiety.

Change of Perspective

Achieving your best life will take a change of perspective. Be ok with the fact that you don’t have to work relentlessly hard and not spend any extra money to achieve success. 

Most millionaires and billionaires are self-made, and they all started where you are today. It is possible to reach their level; you just have to reject certain limiting beliefs and self-doubting attitudes.

If you think that these millionaires and billionaires only became financially free because their businesses were funded by rich relatives or because they scrimped, saved, bootstrapped, and clung to every dollar like it was the last one on earth, then you’ll never be rich. That’s because you’re clinging to the value creation + hard work = abundance formula. That formula doesn’t work.  

The formula that will work is the following:

Manifested Abundance = Positive Thinking/Feeling (Affirmations) + Grit > Limiting Beliefs

When your mindset + grit exceed your toxic money stories + self-limiting beliefs, that means you no longer need to “fake it ’til you make it”…you have made it. That is sovereignty. 

Whether you’re a retired business owner or a life coach, as long as you believe in—and are willing to fiercely defend—your sacred right to life as the Goddesses intended, abundant and free, then, and only then, you are truly wealthy. If you’re willing to shift your beliefs and adopt the power of positive self- belief and a new paradigm, then you will give yourself the best chance at achieving your best life.

You Only Have One Job 

To create the type of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, you have one job, and that job is to make money fall in love with your bank account and act every day as if you believe that wealth and abundance is for you. (After all, the universe is telling you with every high-ticket sale, investment opportunity, and lack of low-vibe debt; listen.)  

New reality affirmations are life’s “Get Out of Jail” card that will free you from negative self-talk, taking on work that doesn’t honor or pay you, and being in indentured servitude to “The Man.” 

They help change your perspective, replace some of your long-standing self-sabotaging biases, and shout your desired reality into the universe, over and over, day after day, until the future can’t help but hear you.

It is possible to make money fall in love with your bank account. You can still work hard and create all kinds of value and big girl energy if you want, but that’s optional. Start with getting your head in the game and the universe responding with more manifestations than you ever thought possible. 

📚 🧠

Putting the “lit” in financial literacy. If you like this content and want to see more of it, reply in the comments and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. And if you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see unpacked and repackaged for relatability, let me know that, too.

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