Simone Craig

Hello, everybody.

Hello, everybody.

I’m Simone Craig.

I’m Simone Craig.

Old money moves for a new generation.

I am a champion for women driven to build—business, wealth, and legacy. It’s my job to demystify the options and opportunities that generational wealth affords and deliver a way out of cash chaos, wasted wages, and lost freedom. 

Are you tuning in to what I’m circulating?

Are you tuning in to what I’m circulating?

TUNE IN! compassionate collaboration, radical self-acceptance, and immersive support.

TUNE IN! a financial abundance plan, the blueprint for the rest of your life.

TUNE IN!! bookkeeping. Keeping your books on point and your priorities in order, lean, mean, and squeaky clean. 

TUNE IN! tax planning and finding much better things to do with your resources (like grow itself quietly like a good dawg).

If you need a Capital Building Strategist/Black Financial Expert that will show you how to relax into financial abundance, I’m your woman.  

I specialize in financial management and abundance mindset which is a blend of accounting, investment strategy, tax preparation, and even a little bit of traffic cop. I wrap it in the soothing sounds of coaching/cheerleading/consulting and higher-plane thinking.


  1. Gain transformational understanding about the role of money in your life, and what to do about it. 
  2. Co-create a blueprint for sustainable abundance.
  3. Circulate currency until it comes back to you, multiplied. 
Simone Craig Embelishment

Manifest 5K in 5 Days.

Yes, please.

Manifest $5000 in 5 days

Simone says: do these things for 5 days and you will find yourself at least 5 thousand dollars more abundant. Tried-n-true personal growth tools to get you into the right money mindset to manifest more.

Simone Craig Embelishment


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