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This is it. You hold in your digital hands your detailed roadmap to be the wealthy, free woman you were born to be. The pot of gold at our destination? Peace in your finances, peace in your life, and peace in your heart. The hardest step is the first step. Let’s take it together. 

CLASS is in SESSION: Join other women just like you ready to step into the role they were born to play.

Simone Craig Embelishment

Awaken to your value and worth.

Don’t waste another nanosecond thinking, “That’s not for me.” Yes, yes it is! A life of financial freedom and wealth abundance is your sacred birthright. Getting there is a matter of mindset and money moves. Learn to transform the way you perceive your own value, the value of your experiences, and the worth of your relationships—and apply this newfound thinking to a pragmatic plan; It’s just that simple! 


Peaceful finances, peaceful abundance.

The Shangri-la of NOT needlessly worrying about money lies within you; you only need to step into it. It starts with calming the chaos: figure out where you are now and where you need to be so that life can be relaxed, free, and lived richly. When you understand your role in the grand scheme and put your faith in a solid action plan, breathing easy becomes the norm. 


Create limitless income, seriously.

More money in the bank with ease and flow? Yes, please! When you’ve got your mindset right, understand the way that money works, and embody the philosophy that short-term sacrifice reaps exponential reward, that is what you can expect! Jumpstart your own positive feedback loop of walking tall / commanding your worth and get it as much as you want. Increased income and elevated net-worth are within your control, we promise.


Simone Craig Embelishment

Financial know-how.

We put the “lit” in literacy. Understanding how money works is not just for CPA and MBA types; it’s a simple matter of giving jobs to your dollars and never letting them call out sick. Learn the basic building blocks of wealth creation and release the limiting beliefs that traditionally hold us back from creating massive abundance. Dive deeper into the syllabus.


More homework. Less hustle.

Release the limiting beliefs that hold us back from creating massive abundance in 12-weeks or less with the enlightened life lessons at Abundance School. Be a part of the class of women entrepreneurs making a minimum of $10K a month in their own business! Embrace the online learning environment and the virtual kick in the pants to spin hard work into wealth and abundance for you and your family. 


Kick worry to the curb.

Anxiety is the world’s worst way to use your imagination. Wouldn’t you rather spend that energy manifesting money in your vision? Yeah, us, too! Embracing financial understanding, limitless income, and next-level wealth is the freedom we all need right now. Get yours!

Apply today.

Relax into generational wealth! Simone says: “Attend the webinars, do the homework, and engage with the email support and live calls for 12 weeks!” You will find yourself upleveled with tried-n-true financial growth tools and money mindset transformation to manifest as much as you want for you and yours.

Join the class! 


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