Written by Simone LeBeaux Craig Craig on November 11th, 2020

I'm on a mission to close that gap for women. It's not up to anybody else but women. I love that because when we put our mind and hearts to something, it gets done. And, it gets done well.

It's up to us what we accept in our business and personal lives. It's up to women what we accept as our financial reality and destiny. It's up to us -- women -- what we allow in any area of our life at all. Closing the wealth gap is not up to men, it's up to us.

The following 4 rules in my consulting business are my guiding principles that inform how I help women business owners close their wealth gap...
Written by Simone LeBeaux Craig on October 22nd, 2020

Are you tired of running a business that you give so much to but continue to be financially depleted by? Not fun.

I know you’re not the quitting type. But you’re smart enough and have also been in the business world long enough to know that what you’re doing isn’t sustainable. And something has to change. ..

Written by Simone LeBeaux Craig on September 15th, 2020
As a woman entrepreneur, navigating the challenges of running a business, running a household, raising children, and oh by the way, taking care of yourself, might be quite daunting for you, to say the least. And even more, there doesn't seem to be any indication that this new way of living, working and relating with the world will be changing anytime soon.

You might be experiencing anxiety, fear and maybe even some panic, about your business finances and about the economy, right now. So I want to share with you the key resource you have available to you to stay out of fear and anxiety,...
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