My 4 Business Rules: How I help Women Entrepreneurs close their Wealth Gap
Written by Simone LeBeaux Craig on November 11th, 2020

I'm on a mission to close that gap for women. It's not up to anybody else but women. I love that because when we put our mind and hearts to something, it gets done. And, it gets done well.

It's up to us what we accept in our business and personal lives. It's up to women what we accept as our financial reality and destiny. It's up to us -- women -- what we allow in any area of our life at all. Closing the wealth gap is not up to men, it's up to us.

The following 4 rules in my consulting business are my guiding principles that inform how I help women business owners close their wealth gap:

1. I help women entrepreneurs to know that their dreams are valid. And not only are their dreams, your dreams if you're watching valid, they are desired. They are deeply desired by everyone on this planet. Everyone on this planet is invested whether we know it or not, in each of us, standing in our power, and claiming our worth.

2. I help women entrepreneurs to know that they are worthy of the best. That you are worthy of the best and no less.

3. I help women entrepreneurs know that you're worthy of feeling good. There are many times that I can point back to in my life where I was operating under this unspoken agreement with myself that it was okay for me to suffer and be in pain. And so I accepted that reality in many areas of my life. You do not have to suffer. It's actually okay to feel good.

4. It's good to be rich. It's not only okay to be rich -- it's good to be rich. That is one of they ways we can help other. That is how we help other people in need because we have the resources, the money and the abundance, to help.

Simone LeBeaux Craig

Simone is celebrating her 14th year as an entrepreneur. Her company, SLC Global, provides wealth consulting services for women entrepreneurs helping them create generational wealth for their families. Simone loves teaching her clients, from all around the world, how to have the mindset and money management skills, to enjoy optimal business success and live a wealthy, joyful life.
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