The Money Mindset Shift you need to Survive and Thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic
Written by Simone Craig on September 15th, 2020

As a woman entrepreneur, navigating the challenges of running a business, running a household, raising children, and oh by the way, taking care of yourself, might be quite daunting for you, to say the least. And even more, there doesn't seem to be any indication that this new way of living, working and relating with the world will be changing anytime soon.
You might be experiencing anxiety, fear and maybe even some panic, about your business finances and about the economy, right now. So I want to share with you the key resource you have available to you to stay out of fear and anxiety, and fix yourself to more peace and empowerment, during this time that can sometimes feel disempowering and out of control. 

You are actually in a very powerful and precious time, if you choose to see it that way.

Have you heard the narrative that we're in unknown and uncertain times? I certainly have. And yes, indeed we are. However, before COVID-19 hit, we were already in unknown and uncertain times.

There's never a moment when we are 100% certain about what is going to happen next -- especially in business.

The idea that we're in these unknown, uncertain times, just now, isn't true. Be mindful the next time you hear this language. Don't allow yourself to be encouraged into greater fear.

Remember this: The power you have to improve your business finances and create personal wealth has not changed.

This was the case before COVID-19, it is the case now, and that will be the case once we move past this pandemic.

More millionaires were made during the Great Depression in America than any other time in American history. Savvy entrepreneurs use times of crisis to reassess and position themselves wisely for an inevitable change in circumstances.

Now is the time that millionaires are made.

If you’re experiencing any fear, anxiety or panic about your finances, take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Ask yourself, "what am I thinking about myself, my finances and my business, right now?" Once you identify those thoughts, recognize that they are merely suggestions that your mind is offering you.

Your power, to not only survive, but to create a thriving business that generates wealth for you and your family, lies in choosing to believe more positive, uplifting thoughts, that line up with what you want in your business and personal finances -- instead of lining up with what you fear.

Your belief in thoughts that you think, negative or positive, has been scientifically proven to create physical matter. Your belief in thoughts that you think, quite literally, create your business and life circumstances.

Now is the time that millionaires are made. Now is the time for you to dig in and believe that it can be you.

Simone LeBeaux Craig

Simone is celebrating her 14th year as an entrepreneur. Her company, SLC Global, provides wealth consulting services for women entrepreneurs helping them create generational wealth for their families. Simone loves teaching her clients, from all around the world, how to have the mindset and money management skills, to enjoy optimal business success and live a wealthy, joyful life.
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