How to take MLK’s Dream to the Next Level

Peace, In honor of the MLK holiday in the US yesterday, this vlog gives insight into how we can take Martin Luther King’s dream to the next level of freedom. While meditating the other morning, I realized how a small shift in our language can lead to awakening and deepening. Leave me a comment and […]

Finding your Spiritual Teacher

Hello Gorgeous Single Mama, The true beauty of life is always in being fully present in the moment, isn’t it? On my morning walk, I reflected on how I not only came to appreciate the value of being fully present, but actually living in the present moment. It was because of my spiritual teacher, Eli […]

The Most Important Gift a Single Mom can Give

Hello Beloved Single Mama, As a single mom to my incredible little girl, I’ve discovered the most important gift I can give her. It always delivers in helping both my daughter and I to enjoy a very high-quality of life. Click the pic to watch. In Joy, Simone If you enjoyed this post, get email […]

How to have More Money and More Time

Hi Amazing Single Mama, Here’s how you can have more money and more time. I know you can use some. 🙂 Click the pic to watch. Much Love, Simone If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free).

Why Single Moms are GOOD for Society

Hi Lovely Single Mama, This video is my take on why single moms are good for society. Click the pic to watch. With Love, Simone If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free).

How to live peacefully with one another (Inspired by Ferguson, MO)

Hello Beloved Single Mama, So much has been said about Ferguson, MO. Everything that happens is spiritual. As a spiritual teacher, I wanted to lend my voice to how, as a society, we may come to live peacefully among one another. Watch here. This is a very powerful time for us all to see what’s […]

My Specialty — Psychic Insight

I recorded this video and was inspired to share this exciting development with you, right away. I’ve come into the full realization of my specialty as a healer and spiritual teacher, and can’t wait for you to hear what it’s all about. So check out this vid I recorded. Sometimes, something that’s so obvious to […]

A Deeper Conversation

Hi there, I’m hoping all is beautiful with you — no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in right now. As per usual, I had lots of fun recording this week’s video for you. It’s honoring my wanting to have a deeper conversation about supporting your awakening and living on purpose. I have a […]

Message to the Black Woman

I truly love the beauty and diversity of everyone who reads this blog and watches my vlog. Today, I was moved to get something off my heart and onto video — a message for black women. The call was so strong, it wouldn’t be denied. You can watch here. If you aren’t a black woman, you can still […]

Vigilant in Silence

Many old egoic patterns have come up for me lately. It’s time to put them to bed. I’m finding the only way to be successful in that is to be vigilant in Silence. If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free).