Manifestation Series X – Critical Thinking with bell hooks

On my vacation in St. Maarten, I was privileged to read the book ‘Rock My Soul’ by bell hooks. Reading her work was a profound confirmation of what I’ve felt but have not been able to express to my satisfaction. I’m so glad she exists. I’m so glad that she writes about 2 books a […]

Manifestation Series IX & IX.5 – My Money 2 & Free Sorbet :)

Okay! Really great things happening here. I received a rate increase from one of my clients that I just started working with a month ago. I moved recently and was in the process of closing my old bank account. About two weeks ago, I was being hit with all of these charges that began to […]

Manifestation Series VIII – Hafeezah

Recently, I’ve been looking to connect with the conscious community. I talked with an amazing sister, Hafeezah, today. I entered a random search on Google and her name came up. She is a life coach and an energy worker. She told me everything I needed to know, essentially, about the career I’m intending to transition […]

Fear Jones

It’s power time.I am not a victim of fear.I am not a victim of other people’s notions of me.I am not a victim of other people’s projections.Only my own. Well I was, until today. I felt a vex come down on me today. A familiar vexation of fear. It came down like never before. I […]

Seeing Results

A lot of great things are developing. They are still in the works and I will share them when the time is right. I will say that as a result of doing a daily ritual of feeling good, meditating, intending by way of visualizing, writing and speaking, watching my mind movie and segment intending, I […]

Manifestation Series VII – My Money

Long story, short, I had to straighten things out with my bank regarding my money. I had to really stand up for myself. Money has been a source of shame for me in the past. It makes sense that past feelings of shame around money would come up now. So, I stood up for myself. […]

Manifestation Series VI – After anger

I also don’t want to leave out this – I was very unhappy with a certain aspect of my living situation. And, there seemed to be nothing short of moving out that I could do about it. I felt stuck and trapped. I felt so angry. While in my anger, I knew I had a […]

Manifestation Series – V – By The Way 1

I don’t want to jip myself from acknowledging any manifestations that I’ve been excited about. And since I started a Manifestation Series, I want to have an accurate tally of my deliberately created manifestations. Deliberately created manifestations. haha! When did I start talking like this?? Anyway. Something really cool happened last week at work. My […]

Manifestation Series – IV – My Value

Yo!One area of my life that I have seen the most lack in has been my finances. I could go on and on about this but I will not. First because it’d be boring. Second because it’d be focusing on lack and what I don’t want. So, I’m not going there. I’m getting the hang […]

Manifestation Series – III – Sun Ra

First things first, I decided to start a Manifestation Series. So each time I see that I deliberately created something that I want, I can see evidence of it here. In 6 months, on January 2, 2008, I’ll have a good sense of what the real deal is with The Secret, Law of Attraction, Deliberate […]