Protected: Another Manifestation from my List – It Works!

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Quitting your Job: How to Make it a Smooth Transition

I’m so excited to explore the topic of quitting your job, so you can feel better giving more time to a business you love. Are you struggling with the thought of leaving your job to run your business? Do you fear leaving your job then not having consistent cashflow? This week, from my experience leaving my […]

Financial Goal: How to Achieve Yours in 1 Month – Part 2 of 2

Let’s follow-up on how you can close out this month achieving your financial goal. There are 3 steps. In my newsletter 2 weeks ago,  I shared that your 1st step is to be crystal clear on exactly what your financial goal is this month, and why. Your 2nd step is to set your financial goal in motion through affirmation. I share […]

The Secret: Biggest Manifestation Myth EVER

Something I hear a lot, after someone learns that I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the powerful Law of Attraction to create a thriving business, is… “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that. The Secret, right?” “Right.”, I say affirmatively. Then they say, “Positive thinking, right?” So here’s the thing. I LOVE The Secret. It’s been […]

Manifestation: Know What You Want? Now Do THIS.

The key to successful manifestation of what you desire is simple, but not necessarily easy. You can recite affirmations, visualize and even clear money blocks. But, if there’s something in you, or in your life, not allowing for all that you desire, you won’t receive it. You must allow for all the good you desire in […]

Success on Your Terms: 2 Steps to a Life you Love

Ready for success on your own terms? Here’s how to have it in two simple steps. My definition of success is living the life you want to live and experiencing what you want to experience. The first step to having success is to give yourself permission to do so. Sounds simple enough, right? Sure, it’s simple, but […]

Is it hard to move on? This will help.

This is a very special time filled with beautiful challenges and blissful expansion — if we’re willing to surrender and stay present. Something that I’ve been looking at lately is anger and resentment. Because they can be so uncomfortable to feel, they tend to be avoided. Fortunately, I’m discovering that there’s tremendous healing, resolution and […]

Breakthrough Hue Healing Process

I’m happy to share this breakthrough Hue Healing process I created. It will help you gain clarity (clarity = power) and wise insight into letting go of pain and struggle, and living with more ease and peace. Click the pic to watch.           Happy Healing. Peace & Love, Simone P.S. Are […]

Finding your Spiritual Teacher

Hello Gorgeous Single Mama, The true beauty of life is always in being fully present in the moment, isn’t it? On my morning walk, I reflected on how I not only came to appreciate the value of being fully present, but actually living in the present moment. It was because of my spiritual teacher, Eli […]

How to live peacefully with one another (Inspired by Ferguson, MO)

Hello Beloved Single Mama, So much has been said about Ferguson, MO. Everything that happens is spiritual. As a spiritual teacher, I wanted to lend my voice to how, as a society, we may come to live peacefully among one another. Watch here. This is a very powerful time for us all to see what’s […]