What is a close walk with the Divine?

Hi there Awesome Single Mama, Someone asked me recently what I considered a close walk with the Divine to be? It’s a great question. I had to admit that there’s no stock answer to this. It really depends on the person and where they are on their spiritual path. With that said, ultimately, a close […]

How to Release the Fear of Success

Hi Sweet Single Mama, Hope all is wonderful with you. In this week’s vid, I share how to overcome fear of success. It’s a common fear that can come up in our personal and professional life. So, I’m happy to share a time-tested, as well as, my cutting-edge solution, to this fear. Watch here and […]

How to Discover your Authentic Self

Hi there, Hope you had a beautiful week! I’m getting into the groove of summer and loving it. My daughter and I are going to be enjoying lots of playdates at the pool. It’s such a delight to watch her grow into toddlerhood. In this week’s vid, I share how to discover your authentic self. […]

Best time to go for your goals

Happy Summer! I love the summer, not just because I’m a summer baby :), but because it’s that time of year that’s perfect for finally letting go of tough lessons learned in winter, reveling in the internal beauty and insight that spring brings, and moving forward on your goals that you planted in the fall. […]

Being a Peace Diva

In my latest vlog, I’m breaking down the essence of what it is to be a diva of Peace. Would love for you to check it out, HERE. It’s the day after, but as I write this, it’s Mother’s Day. Happiest Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mommies. I honor you, and all those who […]

VLOG: Why I Love Satsang

Hello dear reader! So here’s the thing… Please don’t judge me okay? My hair’s slightly jacked up in my video. Ha! I recorded it after a long day hanging out with my beautiful daughter. And, I was so excited to sit in front of the computer and record my latest vid (on one of my favorite topics — Satsang,) […]

5 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series

On this blog, I give my best in insight and inspiration, so you’re awake, on purpose and abundant. I truly believe that in your fulfillment — in your discovery of inner peace, we are part of a powerful movement of being forces of peace on this planet — true Divas of Peace. (Woop woop!) With that said, here’s this week’s vlog. And […]

What Manifestation Experts never told you #3

Here’s a quick blog post to share my latest vlog with you. It’s about how to come correct in manifesting ANYTHING you want in your life and MORE. It IS possible. Here’s how. In Peace and Love, Simone If you enjoyed this post, get email updates (it’s free).

Message to the Black Woman

I truly love the beauty and diversity of everyone who reads this blog and watches my vlog. Today, I was moved to get something off my heart and onto video — a message for black women. The call was so strong, it wouldn’t be denied. You can watch here. If you aren’t a black woman, you can still […]

7 Fixation ~ Enneagram Series

In western society, it’s so rare that someone takes the time to stop, watch a video, and reflect on how they can be more connected to spirit, authenticity and Love. Thank you so much. It contributes to healing in the world. So you rockin’ healer, here’s this week’s vlog, which is the latest video in my Enneagram series. Hope […]