Is It Really Okay to Love Money?

More often than not, when working with my beloved clients, we come to a crossroads. And it’s no ordinary crossroad.

This crossroad truly makes or breaks a person’s results when manifesting the business and life success they desire. It can make the difference between my client manifesting 6 figures in 2 months, or struggling to see a lasting increase in cash flow that they long for.

That crossroad is this: Is it REALLY okay for me to LOVE MONEY?

In that question to me is the answer. Although I’m asked that question, it’s a sign to me that they’ve already decided that it’s not really okay to love money.

There’s not getting around this. The Universe is what it is. It’s set up the way it’s set up.

What we give, we not only receive, but multiplies.

You can talk to me until the cows come home about all the convincing reasons it’s not okay to love it. You have a right to those reasons if you choose to have them. But it doesn’t change Universal Law.

The fact of the matter is what we give, multiplies. Now if you continue to believe that:

  1. money’s bad
  2. money’s filthy
  3. money’s unspiritual
  4. loving money is the root of all evil

that is how money will treat you, multiplied. Money will treat you evilly. Maybe you’re already experiencing this — money treating you badly by only coming around every now and then. And, when it does come around it’s painful, annoying, scary, frustrating and shameful.

Or, you feel tainted by the money you earn, because you’re doing work you hate.

Or, the more you have of it, the more you lose, because you think having a lot of it makes you an unspiritual, unenlightened heathen.

Or, maybe you’re pretty good with money. You have a lukewarm relationship with it. So, money’s lukewarm with you.

You can’t continue to expect from money, what you’re not willing to give. It’s the same with any other relationship you find yourself in.

If you want more money, it’s time to leave the old money beliefs behind that simply are not serving you. (You know your money beliefs aren’t serving you if right now, in this moment, you aren’t happy with your money situation.) And today, we’re starting with the supposed spiritual belief that the root of all evil, is the love of money.

Let me say, right here and right now, to that: NOT TRUE. The Love of something is never the problem.

In this week’s vlog, I share:

  1. What I believe The Bible was really warning us about when it comes to money,
  2. What specifically is one thing that does cause money problems, and
  3. Why it’s 100% okay to Love money