Manifestation: Know What You Want? Now Do THIS.

The key to successful manifestation of what you desire is simple, but not necessarily easy. You can recite affirmations, visualize and even clear money blocks. But, if there’s something in you, or in your life, not allowing for all that you desire, you won’t receive it.

You must allow for all the good you desire in you life.

Allowing is a form of surrender. Having everything you desire takes surrender to The Divine. It takes surrender to Love. It takes surrender to Peace.

Ultimately, successful manifestations take surrender to ease.

If there is something you long for, that longing was initiated in you by The Divine. If there’s something that lights your heart on fire to achieve, that fire was lit in you by The Divine’s grace. When you become aware of the actual longing for what you want, here’s what’s required of you to see its complete manifestation:

  1. Allow for it, and
  2. Show up where you are called to show up.

It’s really that simple. Much Love to you!