Manifestation Series IX & IX.5 – My Money 2 & Free Sorbet :)

Okay! Really great things happening here. I received a rate increase from one of my clients that I just started working with a month ago.

I moved recently and was in the process of closing my old bank account. About two weeks ago, I was being hit with all of these charges that began to snowball. I spoke with a woman from my bank who, at the time, did not seem very open to helping me. To her credit, she did agree to reverse one the many charges I was hit with. I decided that I would send a final deposit to my old account to bring it out of the red and close the account. When I called in and heard the balance, I couldn’t believe it. It listed a balance that was not in the red. I thought, ‘Maybe I keyed in to someone else’s account.’ I immediately pressed 0 to speak to a representative and find out what was going on. She confirmed my balance. She went on to tell me that I’d been reimbursed for most of the snowball of charges on my account…

(What? I couldn’t believe I was speaking to an actual bank representative! Really??)
The wild thing about this is that someone at my old bank branch took it upon themselves to reverse all of those charges. I hadn’t called asking for it, or expecting it. I expected to have to send a deposit in.

BUT, my sense is that my intention and expectation today, to see…..
OMIGOD. OK. Check this out y’all. Today, I specifically intended:

Today, I intend to see an increase of money in my bank account that is separate from my paycheck. I was serious.

As I was saying above, my sense is that my intention and expectation today, to see more money in my account, was stronger than my expectation to mail a deposit. Woohoo! haha

This evening, my family and I ordered take-out. My dad asked how much our total was. I said, ‘It’s complimentary.’ I was kidding….sort of. We didn’t get our take-out for free. BUT, after picking up our take-out, my sister and I went to get dessert. We had a really nice conversation with the woman working there. The woman gave us our dessert for free! I had to include that in this post, so I gave it a .5.

If I can do this, you can too!

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