Manifestation Series – V – By The Way 1

I don’t want to jip myself from acknowledging any manifestations that I’ve been excited about. And since I started a Manifestation Series, I want to have an accurate tally of my deliberately created manifestations. Deliberately created manifestations. haha! When did I start talking like this?? Anyway. Something really cool happened last week at work. My boss asked me to help her with a special project. It sounded like a complicated situation and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to help. Right before I went in to work, I set the following intention:
Whether I am able to solve this problem for my boss or not, I intend to feel good about my work. I intend for my boss to feel really happy with my work and feel that I helped her.

It turned out that I did not solve the problem for her. I spent a few hours going over paperwork, but I did not make any headway with helping her to reconcile her work. I really didn’t do much of anything at all. But, at the end of the day she was really happy! She thanked me a few times for helping her to get a better perspective on what she was dealing with and for making her feel that she wasn’t the only one who was baffled by her work. I went home happy and feeling good that she felt good!

Another deliberate manifestation. Check. 🙂

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