Money Hypocrisy: This Mindset Pattern Might Be In Your Way

Let’s explore the topic of money hypocrisy

I’ve never spoken about money hypocrisy before and it’s what still might be getting in the way of you making the money you want.

Often times, there are beliefs we have and words we speak, that are actually in direct opposition to what we say we want. Click To Tweet

We repeat these money patterns without fully realizing that we’re giving mixed signals to the Universe about money.

Sometimes certain patterns we have are so close, it’s hard for us to see them. And, it’s hard for us to see clearly, the implications they have in our lives and our bank accounts.

I recorded a video to address just that — a pattern that could be getting in the way of what you really, really want related to your business and personal finances. Find out this pattern that could be getting in your way AND what you can do about it right now.

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