Is it hard to move on? This will help.

This is a very special time filled with beautiful challenges and blissful expansion — if we’re willing to surrender and stay present.

Something that I’ve been looking at lately is anger and resentment. Because they can be so uncomfortable to feel, they tend to be avoided. Fortunately, I’m discovering that there’s tremendous healing, resolution and ease in embracing these ‘dark’ feelings.

Embracing the dark, opens us to the light and ease of Being.

I shared my insights about releasing resentment in order to move forward lighter and more empowered in my new article for the bad-ass single mama’s of Unomum. They’re inspiring examples of single parents in business supporting other single parents to be outrageously happy.

Needless to say, I’m super honored to be a contributor to the Unomum blog this week. If you’re ready to leave anger and resentment behind, read more here.

To freedom,
P.S. Love is freedom. Ain’t love grand?