Gain financial clarity and run business with intention.

Gain financial clarity and run business with intention.

Support yourself doing the work you love and create the wealth you want.

 You will be amazed at how quickly and powerfully things will land at your feet when you stand tall with the expectations that it is to be. Great referrals, market desirability, and the ability to support yourself doing the work you love: these are the benefits of being a true believer in yourself and your sacred birthrights. I will help you get there. 

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Profit and Tax Planning

Women entrepreneurs making a minimum of $10-30K a month in their own business, go to the head of the class! Gain financial understanding to create limitless income and next-level abundance. Earn more income, pay down debt, save money, avoid overpaying in taxes; all together now.

Want to be the wealthy, free woman you were born to be? Work with me.

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Repeat after me: I will get regular updates on my financial health. I will intelligently plan for where my business is going and, in so doing, define my future. I will gain the financial management know-how that I have been needing and live each day 100% sure that the business is doing what it’s supposed to do to stay compliant in the eyes of the government. I will truly harness the earning potential of my enterprise, create sustainable systems, and keep risk at bay. I will do it with immaculate and irrefutable bookkeeping.

Want to make informed business decisions quickly and get clear on planning? Work with me. 


Wealth Coaching

Recommend, handhold, cheerlead, in that order. Worthiness and value are not attached to skillset or spreadsheets, they are beliefs in one’s self and expectations that you will do whatever it takes to create the wealth you want for your family and the people/causes you care about. 

Want to build —business, wealth, and legacy? Work with me.

Apply to work with me.

For women driven to build—business, wealth, legacy—who need a money maven to demystify the options and opportunities that generational wealth affords, I am the Capital Building Strategist and Financial Expert that delivers a way out of cash chaos, wasted wages, and lost freedom. Because being CFO of your own life isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Safeguard your sovereignty and create your estate. Get Started

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