2 More Words that Curse your Cash Flow

I LOVE language — especially when I use it to manifest the life I desire and to create more and more money. I also adore working with my lovely clients. In my work, something I’ve noticed recently are 2 seemingly innocent words that cut off your cash flow. And as a Money Coach, you know […]

Wendy and Her Bank Account Won + How Yours Can Too

I got an awesome email from Wendy yesterday, a fellow blog reader and money magnet. She’s had a fantastic money win. What she shares in her email is so important. I had to share it with you. Here’s what she said:                       So how can […]

What We Didn’t Learn in School that Increases Cashflow

To kick off the year, I’m delighted to share with you a very simple equation that’s brought a positive change to my finances. >>>Click here to watch<<< If applied to your finances, it will help you to increase your business and personal cashflow. I’ve seen this increase in not only my own business and life, but my […]

NEVER say this word

There’s a very commonly used word related to money that I highly recommend you stop saying immediately. It cuts off the natural flow of financial abundance to you. And, that’s no fun. To find out what that word is, be sure to watch this quick video to keep money flowing to you in a never […]

Your Net Worth depends on This

If you’re in the USA, hope you enjoyed the 4th of July holiday weekend. To continue in the spirit of celebration, I’m happy to share that the last 2 months have been incredible for me. I’ve launched 2 new businesses and both are making money after barely a month in business. Abundance hasn’t always flowed […]

How to Uplevel Abundance

Sometimes a small change we make, can make a big impact in our life. I’ve found this to be true when it comes to money. You see, once I started to consciously do what I share in this week’s vlog, I noticed more money and financial blessings started coming my way. I’m still tickled and […]

Getting More of This = Getting More Money

Hi there! I’m super happy to share that I’ve started this vlog all about how you can get (and keep) more money flowing to you in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment. (Shout out to the brilliant Money Master Rev. Ike) If you’re serious and excited about getting more money in a simple […]

Correction! Mo’ Money – Robert Kiyosaki

My bad everyone. The Robert Kiyosaki show does not come on PBS. He comes on a local station in the Tri-state area. If you are in that area it is Channel 55 WLNYMH. I’ll be talking about money and Robert’s game on my show tonight @ 6pm Eastern. Hope you can make it! If you […]

Mo’ Money – Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki drops knowledge on his PBS show, ‘The Robert Kiyosaki Show’. Every time I watch his show I learn so much! I like him because he tells you what he does and how he handles his OWN money. He created a board game called Cash Flow 101 and Cash Flow 202. I wonder if […]

Manifestation Series XI – Ask and It Is Given

On my way in to work today, I intended for my clients to offer me more money. It felt good and I really connected with the intention emotionally…vibrationally. As soon as my client walked in the door, she said, ‘Simone, would you be able to give us another day here each week starting in September?’ […]