Are Your Actions Allowing Financial Freedom?

June’s almost done, and July’s right around the corner. Though summer lasts only for a few months, taking action aligned with your financial freedom goals can make every day feel like a lovely summer day with sunny skies and a light breeze. Summer’s the perfect time to use your masculine, go-getter energy to begin enjoying […]

The Power of Segmenting

Simply put, segmenting is awesome for deliberate creation. Segmenting is an Abraham-Hicks process I use to keep a high-vibrating, easy flow to my day. It helps me to feel that I’m fully participating in my deliberate creation, while also helping me to not stress about what I want and when it’s coming. Here’s the quick […]

Manifestation Series XI – Ask and It Is Given

On my way in to work today, I intended for my clients to offer me more money. It felt good and I really connected with the intention emotionally…vibrationally. As soon as my client walked in the door, she said, ‘Simone, would you be able to give us another day here each week starting in September?’ […]

Manifestation Series IX & IX.5 – My Money 2 & Free Sorbet :)

Okay! Really great things happening here. I received a rate increase from one of my clients that I just started working with a month ago. I moved recently and was in the process of closing my old bank account. About two weeks ago, I was being hit with all of these charges that began to […]

Manifestation Series VIII – Hafeezah

Recently, I’ve been looking to connect with the conscious community. I talked with an amazing sister, Hafeezah, today. I entered a random search on Google and her name came up. She is a life coach and an energy worker. She told me everything I needed to know, essentially, about the career I’m intending to transition […]

Fear Jones

It’s power time.I am not a victim of fear.I am not a victim of other people’s notions of me.I am not a victim of other people’s projections.Only my own. Well I was, until today. I felt a vex come down on me today. A familiar vexation of fear. It came down like never before. I […]

Manifestation Series – V – By The Way 1

I don’t want to jip myself from acknowledging any manifestations that I’ve been excited about. And since I started a Manifestation Series, I want to have an accurate tally of my deliberately created manifestations. Deliberately created manifestations. haha! When did I start talking like this?? Anyway. Something really cool happened last week at work. My […]