EP.09 Bonus: Guided Abundance Meditation

As I shared with you in EP. 08, an important step to creating your morning money ritual is having an abundance meditation practice. This bonus episode is a 10 minute abundance guided meditation that I recorded. It’s going to help you to get a  better feeling about what it is you’re intending for your business […]

EP.06 4 Powerful Tips to Attract More Abundance NOW

Today, I’ll be talking about the four powerful tips to attract more abundance that you can implement today. These tips are based on the very powerful step of getting organized. Organization paves the way for abundance in your business and life. Press play to learn how to begin organizing your finance and attract more abundance […]

EP.05 2 Tips for More Money in Your Bank Account

If you are at a stage in your life where you are ready to start attracting more money to you in great abundance so that you can pay down debt and start saving, this episode is for you. In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you two powerful ways to start attracting more money […]

EP.04 Belief Busting

In today’s episode, I’m going to share one of my belief busting processes to help you release negative belief patterns about money so that you can have more money in your life. Over the next couple of podcast episodes, I will be sharing with you additional belief busting processes that you can implement. I challenge […]

EP.03 7 Steps to Being a Powerful Wealth Magnet

When looking to earn more money to build wealth, most people would find additional ways to work in order to have an abundance of money. What if I told you that you are empowered to attract abundance into your life, and it is not only by finding additional ways to work and earn an income. […]

EP.02 3 Words and 3 Phrases that Cutoff Positive Cash Flow

Welcome back to the A Mind for Money Podcast! Words are one of our most powerful assets. We can choose to use this asset constructively to build wealth, or destructively to limit our cash flow. Our words enable our thoughts to manifest into reality. What are you manifesting? In today’s episode, I’m going to talk […]

EP.01 The Secrets of Money

Hello and welcome! This is the A Mind for Money Podcast where every Monday I share money and mindset tips that support you in creating a wealthy joy-filled life. In this inaugural episode, we’re going to define what money is and talk about the three secrets of money. These secrets will give you the tools […]

Money Hypocrisy: This Mindset Pattern Might Be In Your Way

Let’s explore the topic of money hypocrisy I’ve never spoken about money hypocrisy before and it’s what still might be getting in the way of you making the money you want. We repeat these money patterns without fully realizing that we’re giving mixed signals to the Universe about money. Sometimes certain patterns we have are […]

1 Surprisingly Simple Way to Get More Clients

Major financial awesomeness can still manifest in your business and life by the end of the year. And, it really takes buckling down now to get serious and get it done by: Setting a Yearly Financial Goal, and Doing everything you know to do to meet your Goal. But maybe you’ve done that. And you’re […]

2 More Words that Curse your Cash Flow

I LOVE language — especially when I use it to manifest the life I desire and to create more and more money. I also adore working with my lovely clients. In my work, something I’ve noticed recently are 2 seemingly innocent words that cut off your cash flow. And as a Money Coach, you know […]