The Secret: Biggest Manifestation Myth EVER

Something I hear a lot, after someone learns that I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the powerful Law of Attraction to create a thriving business, is… “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that. The Secret, right?” “Right.”, I say affirmatively. Then they say, “Positive thinking, right?” So here’s the thing. I LOVE The Secret. It’s been […]

Manifestation Series – III – Sun Ra

First things first, I decided to start a Manifestation Series. So each time I see that I deliberately created something that I want, I can see evidence of it here. In 6 months, on January 2, 2008, I’ll have a good sense of what the real deal is with The Secret, Law of Attraction, Deliberate […]

Manifestation Series – I – Express Delivery

Yo. What a day I’ve had. A relationship or non-relationship (long story) with a guy I was seeing came to an end today. How does that make me feel? Sad. Also, I feel so hopeless and in despair about the state of the African-American community and the world. I have done and given so much […]

How to Crush It using The Secret

This post contains affiliate links.  Recently, an open letter to Oprah Winfrey asked her to stop promoting ‘The Secret‘ because it espouses blind positive thinking. Actually, positive thinking is not what Oprah nor ‘The Secret‘ claim or espouse. I specifically remember watching the show where Oprah interviewed participants from ‘The Secret’ documentary. One of the […]