Simone Craig


Nini Grace

She is not only a Spiritual powerhouse but a financial wizard! If you’re called to utilize best services, it would be the wisest decision of the year. This financial guru knows her stuff!
~Nini Grace, Spiritual Teacher and Founder of The Enlightenment Center at, Kendall Park, NJ

The impact Simone’s work has had in my business has been incredible. It’s helped me stay focused on what I want to create. Her advice, that includes specific action steps, have been a powerful part in the process. This lady is the real deal! I can’t wait to see what else she offers in the future.
~Melissa Zoske, Wealth Alignment Expert at, Bozeman, MO

I have relocated to Dubai!!! After speaking to Simone and following her advice, a very lucrative business opportunity happened in Dubai. As a result, I am opening my hair business in January!!!!!
I love what Simone’s doing!!
~Babe Savage, Hair Connoisseur at, Dubai, UAE

Before my session with Simone, I had some doubts about supporting myself as an artistic entrepreneur. I wanted to have a full schedule working as an artist, to ride high on my creative energy, and not be worried about money. I took her advice and  as a result, 2 weeks later, I manifested working a full schedule doing my artwork. And, I had people on my waiting list!! Within 1 year, I manifested my artwork in celebrity art collections. MY paintings hang on the walls of Michael J. Fox and Chelsea Handler. I really love Simone’s work!!! She’s the best!
~Sabrina Huang, Owner of Nina Huang Art, Portland, OR

Kimberly K.I knew when I met Simone it was a sign from the Universe. 2 months after I started implementing her advice and insights, I manifested over $6,000 a month in income! It’s just fantastic!
~Kimberly Kucharcki, Capitola, CA


Thea C.

It’s Happening! The things that I have on my {manifestation} list are coming to pass. It’s amazing! All the things that I’ve checked off my list — it’s crazy! From taking Simone’s advice, I booked with a national television show called Chicago Med!! I’m playing the role of Irma.
~Thea Camara, Working Actress, Chicago, IL

Derrick H.Let me tell you about the power of Simone’s work!! After listening to her last night, today, between 10am and 2pm, I was offered 3 different last minute gigs… all taking place on consecutive days. By this coming Monday, I’ll have manifested an extra 3 grand! She’s got some powerful stuff going on!! $3,000 in a matter of hours.
~Derrick Hicks, Vocalist, New York City, NY

After taking Simone’s advice, I manifested a $2,500 production deal!
~Michelle Brownfield, Atlanta, GA

I’ve been watching, listening and taking action on what Simone has been saying. I started finding small amounts of coined money at first… then larger coins… then €5, €10 and €20. I told my husband and he had a joke with me that he was better at it than me, and the next day he found €40. Today, to my surprise, we got a letter saying I’d been awarded €3,240 from the bank!!!! It’s brilliant!!!! I’m so grateful for it and for all the money that comes flowing to us after. Thanks Simone.
~Wendy Whalley, United Kingdom


Monica Eisenberg

I’m an old hand with the Law of Attraction, and I thought I’d heard it all. But after listening to Simone’s program for the first time, it helped explain what I was going through financially, but didn’t understand why. She presents the Law of Attraction in a new and powerful way.
~Monica Eisenberg, London, United Kingdom

Karen Y.

Simone created one of her signature Couture Meditations for Abundance, for me. Hands down, it was the best thing I’d done for myself in a LONG time. The meditation was so heartfelt and so targeted at exactly what I needed in my life. Simone nailed it. It’s now my go-to audio when I need to center myself, and when life gets out of control. I’ve seen fast and measurable changes in several areas of my life. And it’s just for me! Amazing.
~Karen Yankovich, Social Media Maven at, Ringwood, NJ